Wine Tasting Party Ideas That Will Blow Your Cork Off!

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We heard it through the grapevine. These wine tasting party ideas are a sensation.

If you're bottled up raise your spirits by giving a wine cheese tasting party. A WINE AND CHEESE PARTY simply focuses on different wines and cheeses together.

Or simply try these wine tasting party and appetizer ideas that follow.


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When you HOST A WINE PARTY it's a good idea to plan for about 12 people or six couples. The idea is to request that each guest bring a bottle of their favorite wine, with the label wrapped so the other guests won't be able to identify the wine before tasting.

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WINE FOR PARTIES come in different shades and flavors. There are different TYPES OF RED WINE and DIFFERENT TYPES OF WHITE WINE. It's all about the grapes. Guests can bring either type of wine.

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Start the Tasting

Put the bottles on a flat surface such as a table or bar in order to line them up. Make sure you list which bottle belongs to which guest.

TIP:The wine will be best served at a cool room temperature, say about 65 degrees. Make sure you have several corkscrews on hand.

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The idea is to judge each wine using a WINE TASTING SCORECARD. This WINE TASTING SCORE CARD will help guests evaluate the wines.

Give each person a pencil and a wine tasting sheet to add to the fun. Then have them judge the wines by at least three factors.

1. Appearance- does the wine look clear and brilliant?

2. Bouquet-swirl it around, is it pleasant?

3. Flavor--is it sweet, acidic, dry or flat?

After judging, check the scores and award the winner with a prize, such as WINE BASKET, SILVER WINE STOPPER, UNIQUE WINE GLASSES, or a simple guide on HOMEMADE WINE RECIPES. WINE TASTING COUPONS are another idea.

TIP:Provide napkins to guests so they can wipe thier glasses clean between each tasting. Provide different breads such as pumpernickel or french bread for the guests to clear their palates. Mild cheese should be provided too.

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Ambience And Decor

You can provide comfortable stuffed chairs or couches for a casual gathering, or if you want a more informal party then seat invitees at a long table covered with a nice tablecloth and decorated with flowers and candles. Silver or crystal candleholders make a classy touch.

Place a checked table cloth on the bar, with some dried flowers and votive candles.

Or, create a floating candle centerpiece.

Wine glasses make perfect containers for floating candles. Stand three or four wine glasses, or a selection of different sized glasses on a round mirror.

Dye some water with food coloring of your choice. Fill each wine glass with the colored water.

Float a candle with a coordinating color in the water. You could put flower petals or glass beads around the glasses on the mirror for a finishing touch.

If you have a fire place make a warm fire, or you can purchase a faux fireplace as an alternative. Play soft music and make sure each person has a clean sparkling WINE TASTING GLASS. Some hosts like to provide a STEMLESS WINE GLASS to the attendees.

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For striking party glasses, paint swirls of gold paint on plain wine glasses. If you need to BUY WINE GLASSES but are on a budget then check here for ideas on CHEAP WINE GLASSES.

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PAIRING FOOD WITH WINE is a bit of an art, in the sense that there are different cheeses and breads and fruits that go with different wines.


SIMPLE HORS DE OEUVRES will provide food for the party.

Get ideas for scumptious HORS DE OEUVRES RECIPES? Take a look.

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FINAL WINE TASTING PARTY IDEAS TIP: Be sure to provide taxis or rides home for those who do a little too much tasting!

Come back to wine tasting party ideas anytime you want to have a grape time!

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