Take A Look At These Wild West Themed Party Ideas - For Kids Of All Ages.

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Rustle up a few cowboys and girls for a wild west birthday party.Just lasso our wild west themed party ideas right off this page! Yehaa! Ride em cowboy!

Kids will always love the pull of the Wild West. Cool cowboys with hats, feathered and beaded Native American Indians, rolling stagecoaches and painted tepees. Legends such as Wild Bill Hickock, Daniel Boone and Chief Sitting Bull will be remembered for generations. With a bit of imagination you can turn these ideas into a memorable birthday party for the kiddies.

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Before the fun begins you might be interested in taking a look at some very very cool wild west party supplies.

Wild West Invitations

Create your invitations to look like old fashioned "wanted" posters. Use a headline such as "wanted! Kyles friends!" And list the party details below the wording.

For a fun touch pour some dirt into a baggy and attach to invitations.

You could ask the kids to come either as a cowboy or girl or an indian.

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Kids Cowboy Costumes

Use a plaid shirt for a boy and cover it with a leather vest or poncho. Shape an old rope into a lasso to carry. These are obviously easy themed party ideas for a kids western party.

You could also get a large size paper bag and fold it in half, cutting two holes for the arms and cutting frills all around the bottom of the bag to make a vest. Decorate with markers and stars cut out of construction paper and covered with sparkles that you glue on.

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Western Party Games and activities.

Have some western coloring pages on hand for kids to color.

Cowboy Dress-up

Layout several cowboy items.Things that are reminesent of the wild west like sheriff badges, bandannas, holsters, cowboy hats and boots. Have the kids dress up as cowboys and have an old cowpoke (adult) take a picture.

Cowboy Boot Decorating

This is a wonderful birthday theme party idea for this wild west birthday.

Before the party cut out a bunch of cowboy boots from construction paper and provide glue, glitter, jewels, markers, crayons, hole punchers, and any other things you can think of the kids would enjoy using to decorate the boots.

If you have the yard space a good party theme idea is to arrange for a local stable to give the kids pony rides.

All Aboard the Wagon Game

In this game the object is for everyone to do the opposite of what they are told. Start by spreading blankets on the floor or outside on grass. These represent "settlers wagons". When you call "all aboard the wagon" the children must get off the blankets. When you call "off the wagon" the kids must get on the blankets. Anyone who makes a mistake is out.

Another good themed party idea for this wild west birthday theme is to color some rocks and put them in the yard or on a patch of grass. Blindfold each child one at a time or in teams and have them take turns "hunting in the hay' so to speak. You could use small toy prizes too.

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Wild Western Theme Party Decorations

Use plaid or checkered tablecloths on party tables to match the party theme.

Label the party room with a sign saying the "OK Corral."

Hang a banner that says happy wild west Birthday (with the birthday cowboy or girls name on it.)

Use cowboy hats as centerpieces.

Attach tombstones (made from poster board) to backs of chairs with names of legendary western characters such as Billy the Kid, Annie Oakly or Buffalo Bill.

Or simply hang a cowboy hat on the back of each chair.

Make a sign that says Saloon on an old piece of wood.

Make a teppee by tying together three long wooden sticks- tied together at the top so you can drape some crepe paper over the top and leave a pinned-up opening flap for an entrance.

Use wooden tables and metal plates and mugs for an authentic wild west feel.

Place wagon wheels around the party area or in the yard.

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Wild West Party Favorsand gift ideas.

Sheriff badges, gold coins, and wanted posters make good themed party ideas for favors and gifts.

Buy some western, cowboy or indian themed party bags to hand out.

Cowboy hats, bandannas, harmonicas or trail mix make good favors also.

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Wild West Food

Serve corn on the cob, hot dogs, baked settlers beans.

Branded Salad

Pour salad dressing over the kids favorite salad in the shape of the first intial of the birthday child.

Dirt Ice Cream

Crumble oreo cookies into bowls filled with ice cream. Put a small plastic toy shovel in each bowl.

Western Cake

Create a wild west scene on top of a simple sheet cake. Build a coral around the outside of the cake using thin pretzel sticks. Inside the corral (on top of cake) place small plastic western toys like horses, wagons and cowboys or indians. Use brown sugar to make a dirt trail on top of the cake.

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Come back and say hello next time you need good themed party ideas or if you want to rustle up a wild west good ole fashioned western shindig.

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