Teen Birthday Party Ideas For A Superstar Party

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Teen birthday party ideas will show you how to throw a teenage music video madness party!

This original birthday idea for teens* can be held for teenagers of any age, but it's really great for a 17th birthday party!

Teens idolize rock and pop singers so they can let their star shine with this fun celebration. Each teen must pick a famous singing star and dress as the singer for the party.


Create a teen birthday party invitation* shaped like a microphone. Glue little stars all over the invite.

Wording for the invitation could read as follows:

Let your star shine at (name of celebrant) music video birthday party.

Filming starts at (time of party) at (address of party).

Put the invite in an envelope and glue some colorful sparkles on the front of the envelope.

Tell guests to dress as their favorite rock or pop singing star.


Cheap Party Decorations

There are many great teen birthay party ideas* for decorations

A fabulous idea for decor is to get neon party decorations.*

Get spotlights for the party and as guests arrive have someone shine the spotlight on them as they enter.

Decorate the party area with metallic streamers and novelty balloons.

Set up a spot for a dance floor.Throw metallic confetti on the dance floor area.

Make sure you have a good stereo system and strobe lights set up for dancing time.

Have a tv playing with music videos.

Place directors chairs around the room to create a real tv feel.

Put posters of current pop or rock stars around the room.


Teen Birthday Party Games* And Teen Birthday Party Activities

Have a karoake machine on hand and let each willing teen guest sing thier favorite pop or rock song.

Have a video camera on hand and tape the performances. Play them back later for amusement.

Give each guest a pencil and paper and ask them to score the singer from 1 to 10. 1 being the lowest possible score and 10 the highest.Ask each guest to Make sure they write the singers name beside their vote. After each singer the guests must put their voting sheet into a party hat you provide. Once all singers have performed and been scored, get someone to tally all the scores for each singer and find a winner.

Another good teen birthday party idea is to play name that tune charades. Divide the guests into two teams. Write a few popular song titles on slips of paper. One player must draw a slip and act out that song title.The other team must guess the song withing a certain amount of time. If they get it they receive one point and are allowed to draw another slip. If not the other team gets to take the next turn. The team with the most points wins a prize.

There are more of birthday party games for teens* here. Any birthday party game for teenagers* will make the party fun.


Party Food for teens

Potato chips with dip

Soft drinks

Teen birthday cakes such as a star shaped cake or cupcakes decorated with the honoree's initials or name.

Star shaped sandwiches

Have cds of current singers on hand for when the dancing begins.


Gifts and Prizes

Cds or movies of favorite video rock or pop stars.

17 dollars tucked into an empty video cassette.

Gift certificates to a music store

Happy 17th birthday!

Bookmark this page and come back to teen birthday party ideas any time you want to throw a superstar party.

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