Snuggle Up With Teddy Bear Picnic Party Ideas

alt teddy bear picnic party ideas

Soft and cuddly teddy bear picnic party ideas for teddy bear costumes, teddy bear birthday cakes, teddy bear activities* and more.

What child doesn't love a soft toy bear? And what kid wouldn't love a teddy bear picnic party?

TIP: This party is best enjoyed by children under five. More tips below.

Teddy bear picnic party ideas will help create cherished birthday memories for kids. Of course you can hold this party anytime you decide you want to have a special party for your little baby bears.

If you are the momma bear or papa bear check out these beary good ideas.


Use a teddy bear motif for the invites. A really good idea is to tie a teddy bear invitation to a small plastic bear. Tiny teddy bears*

Another thing you can do is draw an outline of a teddy bear on a brown paper that has been folded over several times to make a teddy bear garland that when unfolded opens up into a chain teddy bear. Write the invitation wording on the teddy bear chain links. *Free teddy bear patterns.

Or attach the invitation of your choice to a jar of honey and hand deliver.

Let guests know they should bring their best loved teddy bears. if you want to supply the bears to the kids as a party commemoration item you can get them here. *I love you teddy bears


Hold the party at a park or in your backyard. You could hold the picnic indoors if the weather is not great.

-Cover picnic or other tables with a red and white checked tablecloth or any material with a teddy bear design. If you are indoors spread the cloths on the floor. Or get some teddy bear rugs*

-Greet guests in a teddy bear costume* or have someone else do it for you. If you want to dress your kids in bear costumes there are many teddy bear costumes* to choose from.

-Put some big teddy bears* around the area beside tables or on chairs. Use picnic baskets with a teddy bear theme as well.

-Play a Teddy Bears' Picnic Song

-Set up a teddy bear under a tree so you can read a few teddy bear stories to the kids later.

If you are indoors hand streamers and balloons around the room. If you are outdoors add umbrellas and kites to the decor.


Ask a couple of the guests to come as famous bears like Winnie the Pooh,Care Bear or Paddington.

Teddy Bear Games

What teddy bear picnic party ideas are there for games?

Hide and seek, tag, sing songs or frisbee.If it's the right time of year take the kids blueberry picking.

Have a pageant with the teddy bears the guests brought with them. Parade the bears around and have each child pick their favorite bear. The winning bear or bears owners get a prize.

-Hold a brown as a bear hunt. Hide different color teddy bears around the room or yard and award a prize to the child who finds the brown bear.

Tell stories to the children, such as goldie locks and the three bears* or winnie the pooh. A really nice picture book is Teddy Bears' Picnic (Aladdin Picture Books)

Menu Ideas

- Cut peanut butter and jam sandwiches into bear shapes with a bear cookie cutter*

Serve honey covered doughnuts.

Put a sign that says porridge next to a crockpot of potato soup you have made up. Serve with brown bread and berries.

Bear cupcakes*, blueberry muffins or teddy bear birthday cakes.

Any bear themed cookie or cakes you have in your local store. Such as bear paws.

Serve simple punch recipes from a ceramic or glass bowl.

Teddy bear icecream treats. Scoop icecream into cupcake liners and use any type of brown cookie cut in half for the ears, chocolate chips for eyes and a cherry for the mouth.


A jar of honey. Fill clean used baby food jars. Fill with honey and wrap in a teddy bear pattern cloth or red and white checkered cloth. Tie a ribbon around the jar and thread it through a note that says "hope you had a sweet party."!

Teddy bear books

Teddy bear basket filled with treats or other bear themed items.


Plush teddy bears

Toy picnic baskets

Teddy bear song CDs

Clothing with teddy bear designs or motifs.

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