Fall In Love With These Tantalizing Tea Party Ideas Just For Kids

Get your own tea party invitation ideas* with these


Tea party ideas just for kids can be very quaint and simple.

Children tea party ideas* will delight your little tea totallers. You get tea party food ideas* and recipes, fun craft ideas, games and activities for a wonderful party.

Use this "getting started" tea party checklist to keep your childrens tea party organized. Ideas on this page are for a general tea party.

If you want to have an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party click this link.

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Tea Party Food Ideas

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Create an elegant tea party with finger foods and tea in a ceramic teapot! Make heavenly cupcakes and little tea sandwiches for tiny fingers. These are just some recommendations for food that are so easy the kids will just love to help in the creation of the meals.

  • One starter food idea for tea sandwiches is to use every day peanut butter or jam and transform them into delicate tea sandwiches by cutting the bread into fun shapes with cookie cutters.

There are lots of TEA PARTY FOOD IDEAS and TEA PARTY RECIPES to entice the kids.

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Recipes for Tea Parties

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Tea party ideas for delicious recipes are plentiful.

  • A sample idea is to create pinwheel sandwiches.

Ingredients and supplies: white or brown bread slices, peanut butter, jelly, honey, cream cheese, cooked chicken or ham, celery, carrot strips, sunflower seeds or poppy seeds, tuna, cheese whiz or cheese slices, mayo, relish a knife, toothpicks and serving trays.


1. Cut away the crusts from each slice of bread.

2. Spread sandwich filling over each slice.

3. Roll up the bread tightly and cut each slice into fourths and secure with toothpicks. Cover the sandwiches and chill until serving.

Find extra CHILDREN TEA PARTY IDEAS and yummy recipes here. Includes tea party cakes and drinks for your little brewmasters.

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Fun Craft Ideas

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TEA PARTY CRAFTS can be made and are a good activity for the little ones. If you have the extra room prepare a table in that room with a plastic or washable tablecloth for the children’s craft projects.

  • A cute thing to do is to have the children create a little guest book where the guests can draw pictures or write special messages.

Materials: teapot pattern, 6 by 9 inch piece of coloured card stock (for the teapot), two 8/12 by 9 1/2 pieces of coloured card stock (for book covers), 8 1/2 by 9 1/2 white pieces of paper (1 piece per child,) ribbon or wool, glue, colored pencils or markers, scissors, hole punch, decorative items like coloured cut out scrap pieces of different shapes or stickable beads or baubles.


1. Trace the teapot pattern onto the card stock and cut out the teapot.

2. Glue the teapot onto the front book cover.

3. Using the hole punch, punch two holes into the tops of the white papers at the same hole points as the covers.

4. Put the book covers and papers together so they match. Thread the wool or ribbon or other material thru the holes to hold the book together.

5. Decorate the cover by gluing little beads or baubles, scraps of cut out paper shapes or any other small size decorations that would look cute on the teapot or cover.

There are so many FUN CRAFTS FOR KIDS, and CHILDRENS CRAFT IDEAS that you really don't want to miss looking over some of the others to find the perfect crafts for the party. Ask your child to take a look at fun craft ideas with you and pick out the crafts they would want to make. After all, whichever CHILDRENS TEA PARTY IDEAS you use they need your childs approval.

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Tea Party Games

Introduce some special TEA PARTY GAMES and TEA PARTY ACTIVITIES to your partygoers and make sure you have your camera snap ready to record the event!

  • One idea (because kids, especially girls! like to dress up!)is to provide a box with an assortment of clothing and other accessories like hats, shawls, shoes, purses or jewelry, and let the kids rummage through the box and play dress up. Let them hold a mini fashion show for amusement.

Mark off a runway on the floor with tape. Get the children to walk down the runway wearing any jewelery or clothing they have made or you have provided. Play background music and comment on what each child is wearing as she does her walk.

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Tea Party Decorations

Setting the Table:

  • For a nice TEA PARTY DECORATION idea cover the party table with a pretty tablecloth. If you are worried about the mess simply find a piece of plastic to spread over the tablecloth to prevent any spills or other accidents.

    More good kids tea party ideas* include using inexpensive china cups or child china sets with saucers and plates from a yard sale or discount store. Not everything has to match, it will be just as good, if not more interesting to the children when everything has different colors or patterns.

    Set out fancy dinner napkins dotted with gold or silver paint. Another TEA PARTY DECOR idea is to buy fancy plastic cutlery at a party store or glue craft jewellery or stickers onto plastic forks and spoons. Line plates with doilies and have a brightly coloured vase of crepe-paper or cut flowers.

    Click here for a crepe-paper flower pattern you or your child can make and assemble yourself. You can decorate the table or chairs with garden flowers or leaves to make it look nice.

There are many tea party ideas for decoration, use your imagination or search TEA PARTY DECORATIONS for more tips.

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For TEA PARTY FAVORS and all those little extra finishing touches, TEA PARTY SUPPLIES has you covered.

If you want to turn this into a tea party for adults then click this link. If you want an adult kid combo tea party you can borrow ideas from both.

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We update our tea party ideas pages frequently, so go ahead and add tea party ideas for kids to your favourites and come back anytime.

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