Simple Punch Recipes That Will Knock You Out

alt  simple punch recipes

Simple punch recipes are perfect punch recipes for a crowd because they are usually made in large quantities.

Party punch recipes include alcoholic punch recipes* and those without alcohol. The key ingredient*is the fruit or fruit juice. This drink can use stawberry, peach, lemon, lime, cherry, blueberry or any other fruit you choose.

Try them out ahead of time and then add them to your party. An interesting punch drink is a welcome addition to the usual party fare like wine, soft drinks or tea and coffee.

The non-alcohol kind are a cinch for childrens parties, teen parties, family get togethers. If you want to kick it up a notch then we have alcoholic party punch recipes that work well for adult parties.

As opposed to punch, a cocktail is a mixed drink that contains a spirit (no not the ghost kind, unless you happen to be holding a halloween or murder mystery party,but a strong alcoholic drink) and at least one other ingredient, usually fruit juice or some type of soda.

Find cocktails here.

All of the following are easy punch to make. To give them "eye appeal" use glass punch bowls.*

TIP: Even though it is effortless, do not add plain ice to punch because it will water it down. Add frozen juice cubes instead. Freeze ahead in circular gelatin molds or ice cube trays.

Mixed drinks taste best with fresh ingredients. Use a juicer for those recipes that call for fresh fruit juice.

Non Alcoholic Punch

This first one is really cool. Kids will love it. It foams up like a real volcano! Great for a childrens tiki party.

1. Hawaiian Volcano

1 gallon of cold hawaiian fruit punch

2 bottles of cold ginger ale or lemon lime soda

2 cups guava juice

1/2 gallon rainbow sherbert

Mix the fruit punch and guava juice together. Add the sherbert. Pour ginger ale or lemon lime soda directly on top of the sherbert. This will make the punch foam like a volcano.

2. Pink Punch Recipe

This one has honey in it so it works for a teddy bear picnic party

Take about 15 mins to make

Makes at least 20 8 ounce cups


2 quarts lemonade

2 quarts unsweetened pineapple juice

2/3 cup honey

1 pint fresh strawberries

Combine lemonade, pineapple juice and honey. Wash strawberries and put one in each section of two ice cube trays.

Pour the punch over the strawberries and freezed.

Chill the punch til serving

Tip: Make sure you have a cold cooler to take with you if you do this party away from home in a park for example.

To serve fill the crock or glass pot with half the punch and a tray of ice cubes. Reserve the rest for refills.

Ladle into cups

Alcoholic Party Punch Recipes

Come back anytime to simple punch recipes. And do we have to say it?

You'll be as pleased as punch!

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