Kids Rainbow Parties (ages 3-9 )

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Birthday rainbow parties* for children are a simple yet effective party theme for kids. Your child and their guests will love this enchanting and colorful rainbow party fun.

If you happen to want to throw a party just for girls then try the ideas for rainblow lipstick parties here.

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Print this free rainbow clipart to use on invitations.

1. Use paint or thick colored markers and make a rainbow on rectangles of heavyweight paper. Next fold the rectangles in half and write something similiar to "Come to Rachels rainbow birthday party" along the curve of the rainbow. Write the party details inside and tell each guest to come as a different color. Decorate the envelope with rainbow stickers.

2.Glue colorful crepe paper onto some thin cardboard. Cut either a flower, popsicle or umbrella shape into the cardboard. Decorate with self adhesive dots and attach to a popsicle stick with double sided glue or tape. Ad your own decorative touches with a circle shape stamper dipped in paint. Ask each guest to create some rainbow artwork to bring to the party and the guests can help hang the artwork around the party on walls for fun and decor.

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Rainbow Crafts

Print out these rainbow coloring pages and let kids color them during the party.

A cute craft idea for rainbow parties is to layout cording and beads and let guests create friendship bracelets.

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Rainbows end Create a pot of gold by filling a glass bowl with chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil. Get each guest to guess how many coins are in the bowl. The winner gets a handul of coins as a prize and everyone else gets one coin as a consolation prize.

Create a rainbow Practice this before the party. On a bright sunny day, with you back turned to the sun, spray a fine mist from a hose in front of you onto a dark background. A rainbow should appear in the stream of water. Each kid should take a turn. This is best done in early morning or later in the afternoon.

Rainbow ribbon Gather different colored ribbons or yarn and attach a wrapped party favor to each one. String the many colors of ribbon through the party room or house, wrap around doors, banisters,the couch or table etc. Give each guest a clothespin and the end of one strand of ribbon. Let them wrap the ribbon around the clothespin as they follow the ribbon trail to the end of the rainbow pot of gold.*

Human rainbow Ask guest to stand side by side (each person was asked to wear a different color to the party)to create a human rainbow. Take pictures to hand out as party favors.

Sing *somewhere over the rainbow lyrics during the party or other kids rainbow songs.*

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Birthday Party Decorations

Cover tables in different colored crepe paper. Add different colored iced cookies and jelly beans to the party table for quick color.

Cut out a large rainblow shape and have the guests color in the rainbow bands. Attach to a wall over the birthday party table.

Set each place setting with different colored cups, plates, plastic utensils and napkins.

Hang rainbow artwork around the room and use sidewalk chalk to draw rainbows on the sidewalk leading to your home.

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Rainbow Cake

Using your favorite plain cake mix batter, pour into four seperate bowls. Add a different color of food coloring to each bowl an mix in. Pour each bowl one at a time into a baking pan so you create layers or swirls of color. Alternately you could use four cake pans to bake each colored batter and then stack the cakes on top of each other to create different layers of color. Frost the cake with swirls of colored icing or create a faux rainbow on the top.

Serve clear warm punch or soda in plastic cups with colored ice cubes. Make them by adding food coloring to the water in your ice cube trays.

Rainbow cupcakes are also a perfect idea for rainbow parties.

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Gifts and Favors

Colorful crazy straws

Rainbow stickers

Rainbow tattoos

Rainbow play set

Pot of gold chocolates

Tie dyed clothing

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