Quinceanera Birthday - 15th Cinderella Ball

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Celebrate a quinceanera birthday with a beautiful cinderella style ball.

This birthday party is a significant event in a 15 year old girls life that marks the passage from child to adult and her debut to society.

It usually takes place when the girl reaches the age of 15, even though some latinos (or mexicans) celebrate this birthday party as a sweet 16 party.

If you are still asking yourself "what is a quinceanera" or wondering about quinceanera history there is more information on the history of quinceaneras here.

When deciding on details for a quinceanera birthday* its best to take the honorees hobbies, interests and favorite things, like flowers or colors, into consideration when planning. The quinceanera reception often follows a theme that reflects the birthday girls personality. More info on planning found at the end of this page.

Quinceanera themes* can be anything the honoree chooses but a cinderella style ball with an attending court of honor, a shiny tiara and a beautiful ball gown make la quinceanera (the birthday girl) a princess for a day.

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Quinceanera traditions* involve a reception that is like a formal ball. It can play out as follows:

alt quinceanera birthday_blue star la quinceanera is introduced in an entrance ceremony.

alt quinceanera birthday_blue star she dances with her father for the first time. (this signifies her passage into womanhood)

alt quinceanera birthday_blue star she dances with her escort for the first time.

alt quinceanera birthday_blue star the birthday girl then gives a thank you speech to her family.

alt quinceanera birthday_blue star everyone dances. ( a quinceanera waltz is traditional)

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Quinceanera birthday's can be quite expensive so family and friends, called paderinos often pitch in and pay for or take care of any or all of the following:

the quinceanera gown* or quinceanera dress*(vestidos de quinceanera) tiara, jewelry, and the quinceanera flower bouquet*.

a person to take care of the quinceanera photography -someone to take quinceanera pictures or formal photos of the event.

a videographer who will create a quinceanera video of the affair.

quinceanera invitations* for the celebration that include reception and reply cards, thank you scrolls and thank you notes, placecards, menu cards and program cards. Also, invitations to the members of the girls court (traditionally 15 girls and 15 boys.)

transportation services like a limo or a carriage.

a mariachi band or other entertainment. Someone to provide quinceanera songs and music for the birthday party.

the place for the reception and the food and drink.

quinceanera decorations for the home, the church and reception site.

ceramic souvenirs to be given to guests.

a gold ring for the birthday girl.

a prayer book, rosary or bible.

quinceanera cakes* or cake and a quinceanera cake topper.* The cake may be multi-tiered and include ( a gazebo, a fountain, or a quinceanera doll* that represents the honored girl.

a table and chair rentals, tents, candalabra, and flower baskets.

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Quinceanera Gifts

Instead of the traditional celebration, quinceanera gifts are often accepted. It is not unusual for the honoree to accept a new car or go on one or more quinceanera cruises.* There are cruise lines that offer party packages that include a debutante style ball. Some include candlelight ceremonies and the traditional quinceanera waltz.

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Quinceanera Dresses(vestidos de quinceanera)

-princess quinceanera dress*

-quinceanera shoes*



-quinceanera party favor* ideas

Quinceanera Hairstyles* (peinados para quinceaneras*)

Quinceanera Poems*(poemas para quinceaneras*)

If you need more information then our quinceanera birthday ideas can provide try checking out the essentail guide to planning the perfect sweet 15th celebration.

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