Princess Party Ideas For Your Little Highness

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Princess party ideas gives your little girl and her friends a chance to enter a magical fairy tale world anytime or on her birthday.

Your little princess will feel like a queen. One special princess was Cinderella. So, this party focuses on a cinderella princess party for girls. Good for all girls of any age, however, it is particularly good for 4-8 year olds.

A beautiful empress ball gown and a sparkling tiara crown along with an attending court of honor (her friends!) will enchant your birthday girl.

Planning a princess party* is quite easy with the following ideas and tips.

Start your princess themed birthday party* with princess party invitation ideas*

Princess Birthday Party Invitations

Enclose a wand that your can purchase at disney princess party supplies* or make one yourself

Here is *how to make a wand.

Use wooden dowelling or a wood stick topped with a star cut out of paper. Pink is a nice color of course. Write the party invitations on the star and sprinkle with silver or different colored sprinkles or little stars.

write the party details on an inexpensive copy of a cinderella story book or attach an invite to a novelty glass slipper and put it in a gift box to deliver.

Princess Decorations

princess party decorations* Do your whole party including the table in pink. Pink tablecloth, pink streamers and pink balloons.

Hang a castle and moat mural on walls.

Roll a red carpet at the door and have the guests line up along the carpet and let the birthday girl have a grand ball entrance.

Make or buy a throne for the birthday girl and take pictures of her in costume with wand and crown.

Cover guest tables with white chiffon and decorate with a table runner trimmed with gold and or tassels.

Use velvet bows to decorate chairs.

Place cards attached to small cinderella or princess themed booklets.

Glass slippers or wands with place card attached.

Princess Party Games

Princess birthday party games* and activities can include reading the cinderella story or having a glass slipper race. Have each child put on a high heel and let them walk as quickly as possible to the end of a room or hall. Give a gift to the winner.

Disney princess coloring pages*

Princess Party Favors And Gift Ideas

You can get disney princess party favors* such as fairy tale books, activity books or colouring books which can be used as prizes.

Also a bag of candy wrapped to a wand or small box of gold dusted chocolates.

Diamond watch or bracelet or birthstone jewelry in a velvet jewelry box.

A glass shoe filled with candies is a simple princess party idea.


Princess party ideas for costumes call for a girls princess dress or girls princess costume*.

Get a disney princess costume* here.

Get princess crowns* to match also. Or make a crown yourself by cutting a crown pattern from cardboard and letting the kids color or decorate it with glittery items or crayons.

Princess Party Food

Princess cakes* or princess cupcakes*

Here is an example or a cinderella style cake.

1. Use a small barbie doll and place in the center of an inverted tube cake. You choose the flavor according to the childs tastes.

2. Dress the upper body of the doll and let the cake be her dress. Frost the cake all around and make ripple patterns in the cake to resemble a gown.

Come back to princess party ideas if you need more ideas for a fairy tale princess party for your little cinderella.

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