Fun In The Sun Pool Party Ideas For Teens

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Take the plunge and stay cool with these hot pool party ideas for teenagers.

This party can be held around a pool or on a beach. Anywhere there is water!

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Put beach balls around the pool or beach area.

Put up poolside or beach umbrellas to shade lawn chairs.

Use little drink umbrellas for teens drinks.

Drape patio chairs or beach chairs with beach blankets and tie yellow and orange balloons to the chairs

Put candles in pails filled with sand for centerpeices to light later if the party goes after dark.

Use plastic shovels as place cards on tables. Write each guests name on the shovels.

You can hold A TEEN POOL PARTY as a BACKYARD POOL PARTY with some nice decorations. You might want to put up some POOL PARTY LIGHTS if it goes into the evening. Or hang a POOL PARTY POSTER or two, around the pool area.

For more decor or POOL PARTY SUPPLIES check here.

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Make your own free pool party invitations*or purchase them and attach a roll of lifesavers to each invite.

Make sure you tell guests on the invites to come in beach or pool attire and bring there swimwear.

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Pool Party Games*

For a really HOT pool party* try these teenage pool party* games.

Have a treasure hunt. If in a pool drop water proof prizes in the bottom of the pool. Each guest will be timed and try to dive for the prizes. The top two winners take home the prizes.

If held at a beach hold a beach ball relay. Seperate the players into two teams. The first player on each team starts off by putting a beach ball between their knees and hopping to a designated place.When they get there they must run the ball back to the starting point They tag the next player and keep going until the timed winning team crosses the finish. Each winning team member gets a prize.

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Party Favors And Prizes

surfing keychain

beach hats

waterproof watches

gift certificate for swimwear or beach clothing


a paradise vacation

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Poolside Food

You might want to consider a poolside or beach barbeque. Grill burgers and hotdogs for simplicity.

Iced tea and lemonade

Fish sandwiches

seafood of any kind

gold fish crackers

potato chips

The bottom line is that Swimming pool parties* can be held just for the fun of it, to get together with friends on a sunny day, or held as a pool party birthday.* For a birthday you may be interested in getting a pool party cake*

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