Pirate Party Ideas For Pint Sized Pirates!

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Don't walk the plank

Come sail away with these pirate party ideas for your little bucanneers.

Get your PIRATE DECORATIONS, KIDS PIRATE PARTY SUPPLIES, pirate games and pirate crafts together and let the treasure hunt begin.

Every minute will be a gem.

These ideas are for a general pirate party. If you would like ideas on a PIRATE BIRTHDAY PARTY click here.

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A KIDS PIRATE PARTY requires spcial PIRATE PARTY SUPPLIES.alt skull and crossbones</p> pirate party

PIRATE PARTY ITEMS such as PIRATE PARTY FAVORS or PIRATE PARTY PLATES for the pirate table are just a couple of examples.

Choose cups, plates, forks, knives and spoons with the pirate theme in mind. Add color to the decorations with balloons, streamers, and chocolate coins. Attach balloons to anywhere they can be tied on and use pirate props like plastic jewels, hats or real coins for a pirate party theme effect.

To make your guests welcome, put black and white balloons and a skull and crossbones made from constuction paper on the mailbox or front door.

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Costume Idea: Pass out fake moustaches and bandanas to each child as they arrive.

Start the kids out creating some pirate crafts.


alt pirate with hat pirate party crafts

A PIRATE EYE PATCH is a great idea. A PIRATE HAT is another one. Let the kids make these first before they go on a fun buried treasure hunt.

Here is the information for the hat.

Materials: for one hat

3 pieces of black stiff felt or foam paper,pirate hat pattern,felt scraps in assorted colours,gold cord,feather, stapler,glue and scissors.


1. Before the party, cut three pirate hat patterns for each child from the stiffened felt or foam. Staple the pieces together as shown in the pattern.

2. Let kids decorate the hats with felt scraps,a gold cord,and a feather. They could also design their own pirate logo instead of the usual skull and crossbone.


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alt pirate on treasure hunt pirate games

Keep the party momentum going by having your pirate party kids uncover precious pirate jewels and gold.

Here is a sample game for a treasure hunt. There are other TREASURE HUNT IDEAS but this is as fun and simple as they come.

Materials: little boxes to serve as treasure chests, or small bags, small prizes and some candy, fake jewelry, little chocolate coins.


1.Hide the prizes either in the home or outside.

2.Read a story to the kids about buried treasure that has never been found. You could read from a book, get an audio tape, or make up a short story yourself.

3.Then let them find the treasures you have hidden. Ude gold chocolate coins as pirate gold and any child that finds a coin can trade it in for a prize.

4. Once the treasures are found give each child a little bag or box to put their treasure in. They can take them home later as a reminder of the party.

Hint: You could have them decorate the boxes or bags ahead of time as another craft idea.


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A good ideas is to read your little sea dogs a few pages from a book to help their wayfaring minds.

If you need a few tales of the seven seas, here are a few suggestions.

1. TREASURE ISLAND BOOK by Robert Louis Stevenson

2. Pirate Soup by Mercer Mayer

3. One-Eyed Jake by Pat Hutchins

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Ahoy Matey! Your PIRATE PARTY KIDS just might enjoy learning a little PIRATE LINGO right here.

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alt fish skeleton pirate food

Once your pint sized pirates start winding down you can serve some popular pirate fare!

Pirate party ideas for food includes PIRATE PARTY RECIPES. Recipes include PIRATE PARTY CAKE like PIRATE SHIP CAKE and TREASURE CHEST CAKE.

Now fish and chips come naturally to mind, but for something a little diffferent try this:

Pirate Peanut Butter Planks

Ingredients and supplies:

celery, peanut butter,raisins,chocolate chips or smarties, cutting board, knife


1. Wash the celery and cut into small sections.

2. Fill celery with peanut butter.

3. Top with raisins,chocolate chips or smarties or captain crunch cereal.

More pirate party ideas for FOOD here

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