The Best Party Planning Ideas And Tips

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Party planning ideas can make your next get-together or party a piece of cake.

Here are some of the best tips for planning a party, such as using party planning checklists to save time and your sanity!

Once you download the checklists come back to this page and follow the steps outlined below to help you make key decisons on your party.

Planning the invitations, decorations, games and party menu planning does not have to be a host or hostess nightmare.

Any pre-planned gathering or social event can be made easy so that when party time arrives you can relax and enjoy youself and the guests.

whether you are planning a 50th birthday party or are planning a 40th birthday party the tips that follow work for most parties.

Unless you want to go as simpe as buying some candles, balloons and a cake for your party a really good party planning idea is to start by choosing a theme for the party.

Here are the steps to get you thinking: You should have your checklists downloaded and in front of you as you follow these steps.

1. Choose a theme.

2. Create a guest list to decide who you want to attend.

3. Decide on the invitations.

4. Think about the decorations and ambience or mood of the party.

5. Plan the menu. Decide on party food or appetizers and refreshments. Decide on a cake.

6. Think about what games, crafts or other activites would best fit the party theme.

7. Decide on any gifts or party favors to make or buy.

8. If the party requires any special dressing up or costumes choose your costume.


The invitation will help set the tone for the party. An eye catching invitation also increases attendance. Design the invitation around the theme your planning. You could write it on a postcard, a balloon, a napkin, a silk stocking or whatever you think matches your theme. Create your own and get more party invitation ideas here.

Party Food

Party menu planning doesn't have to be fancy. Keep it simple. Finger foods are easy to make and good for serving larger groups. Only experiment with elaborate dishes for the most intimate parties like dinner parties or a valentines day party. There is more information and ideas with a selection of appetizers, finger foods, drinks and desserts at party food ideas.


More ideas for party planning on the following topics are coming soon.

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