Party Planning Checklist And Printable To Do Lists

Organization is the key to enjoying your party or get together . A Party planning checklist and printable to do lists will help keep your party planning organized.

They will help you to:

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star Stay organzied (of course!).

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star Establish your budget.

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star Decide what to do to plan your party and when you should do it.

The checklists and worksheets provided won't help you arrange your party though unless you use them! It is never a good idea to try to keep track of everything in your head. Don't trust your memory if you want the planning to be easy. Your brain can become easily overloaded under stress. How can you expect to enjoy a party if you are stressed out? So, get in the habit of using these worksheets and planning checklists as you prepare.

You might want to make enlarged photocopies of each worksheet and use a three hole punch to make holes in the paper and put them together in a three ring binder or notebook. This way you will stay on track and make your party the easiest, most succesful party ever.

Here are the lists that will help take care of the planning. Check off each step as you go. Once you download the lists here, come back to our party planning ideas page and follow the steps there to help you make key decisions on your party.

Printable to do lists (you will want to download these free printable to do lists.)

1. Party planning checklist

- things to be done one month ahead, a few weeks ahead and a few days before the party.

2. Fill in the blanks worksheets

-printable guest list

-master planning sheet

party menu list (grocery list printable* printable grocery lists*)

party entertainment games, prizes, rentals list

party planning tips

Party budget planner

Free Budget Planner

Although you may be high on party spirit you may be low on funds. Here are is some helpful advice about planning a party that won't break the bank.

1. Hold the party in your home.

2. Only invite the number of guests that you can reasonable afford to entertain.

3. Get a friend to co-host with you.(and therefore split the cost.)

4. Don't serve alcohol (expensive!) serve simple party punch drinks instead.

5. Use stuff you have lying around the house to decorate. Balloons, crepe paper streamers and confetti are all cheap. Or borrow what you can from family or friends.

6. Buying balloons in bulk from a party supply store will save you money.

7. You can make handmade invitations or just invite guests by phone or in person.

8. Choose a theme that is the most affordable such as a dessert party.

9. Purchase food items in bulk or from a bulk food store.

Remember to use your creativity and imagination when planning a party and when deciding on the things for your party planning checklist and to do lists.

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