Murder Mystery Dinner Party Ideas

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The fun part of a murder mystery dinner party get-together is trying to figure out "whodunit." Whether you draw inspiration from Agatha Christie or other famous murder mystery writers*, the evidence of a well planned party will be in the fact that no one will know which guest is the actual murderer until the end of the party.

As the host or hostess you will be the life of the party, giving out clues that will have your guests pulling out their hair and their magnifying glasses to find a murderer.

A good idea is to throw a murder mystery theme party during halloween, or a screaming fun murder mystery party for kids.

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Since most mystery dinner parties are designed for a party of eight to ten guests, and if you are the one who is going to host a murder mystery dinner you will want to plan your party guest list accordingly.

When you send out your invitations to the party, you will include the character description, costume suggestions and plot or background story to your guests. Decorate your invitations with fingerprints by simply pressing your own finger on an ink pad. Include free murder mystery scripts for each guest and ask each guest to play a specific character. Scripts for murder mysteries can be found here.

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You and your guests will dress as the characters in the plot. You can either find costumes at a local thrift store or purchase or rent your costumes. A great idea is to award prizes for the best costume.

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Decoration Ideas

Place toy magnifying glasses on tables.

Spray canned halloween cobwebs in corners or rooms and doorways. Another good place is on light fixtures.

Use the covers of murder mystery books as inspiration for posters. You could enlarge the covers and place on walls etc.

Draw an outline of a body on the floor with black craft tape.

Use yellow plastic crime scene tape (yellow ribbon works) to cordon off the area or certain rooms.

Draw footprints coming up your walkway to the front door.

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Murder Mystery Party Games

Of course, the game is the murder mystery itself!

Generally, as stated earlier,murder mystery dinner games are set up for a party of eight to ten. The guests are told that someone has been murdered and the murderer is in the room. They are then furnished with questions to ask each other in order to determine who the murderer or murderess is.

The plot can be taken from any number of unsolved murder mysteries* or one you create yourself. One solution for hosts is to purchase a murder mystery party kit to make things easy.

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A sit-down style dinner is held as an integral part of the actual mystery. It's fun to have some helpers dress up as maids or servants to serve the meal, especially if your murder mystery party is going to be revolving around a specific era, such as the victorian era. Maids for example, would be dressed in victorian syle maid outfits. You could serve dinner on dinnerware that reflects that era and also decorate the area and rooms appropriately.

Get recipes, menus and food ideas for dinner parties here.

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Dinner party tips

There are dinner theatres and some hotels that will offer a fun murder mystery dinner party evening or event. These entertainment packages involve the dinner as part of the activites.

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