Take It All Off With Mardi Gras Party Ideas

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Throw a colorful and flamboyant carnival style party celebration with mardi gras party ideas.

Mardi gras is known for its parades, costumes, jazz and dixieland music, pageants, masquerade balls, flashy floats and street festivities.

It is also known as "fat tuesday" and it is celebrated the day before Ash wednesday. Ash Wednesday is the start of the Christian season of repenting and fasting which is also known as Lent.

If you are still asking What is Mardi Gras? take a look here.

Get a free mardi gras mask template* to make your own mask.

Start with *Mardi Gras Party Invitations.

Attach the invitations to small mardi gras masks. Place them in small boxes that you can send through the mail. Ask your guests to wear the masks along with a mardi gras costume of their choice to the party. You can get *mardi gra masks here.

Alternately you could send out regular white masks and ask guests to decorate their own mask with feathers, sequins and paint. In keeping with the nature of mardi gras parties, tell them to let their imaginations run wild and create the most lavish or bizarre mask they can.

In the invitation tell guests to wear the masks to the party. They must wear the mask until midnight, when they then reveal their true identities. Award a bottle of champagne to the most creative or best mask. You could ask guests to write down the name of the person wearing the best mask and deposit it in a secret ballot box. Draw it at midnight to award the prize.

A mardi gras party would not be the same without mardi gras costumes.* Choose your costume and mask. The masks and costumes are splendid but also eccentric, queer or outlandish. They can be almost comical or way out.

Costume ideas include glamourous headdresses, feathers, sequins, little itty bitty bikinis for women and ruffled shirts for men. Take a look at these Mardi Gras Costume Ideas.* Very amazing.

Women can wear gaudy jewelery and lots of it too.

Tip: Provide each guest with traditional mardi gras beads*.The best thing is to get some bulk mardi gras beads.* Get *custom mardi gras beads or discount mardi gras beads*. Its up to you.

Impress your party friends by explaining the meaning of mardi gras beads.

Mardi Gras Decorations*

Mardi gras decor* is easy to create. Mardi gras colors are purple which represents justice; green, faith; and gold, power. The best mardi gras party idea or tip we can give you is to think loud and colorful. Balloons,crepe-paper streamers, garish looking masks, and mardi gras posters*. Put up some mardi gras backgrounds*or murals that have the mardi gras theme.(for indoors celebrations)

To create a carnival atmosphere, hand whistles from ceilings. Use long lengths or gold ribbon. Try painting old containers with bright colors and designs, and fill with anything that rattles. Dried beans work well to fill containers with to use as drums or shakers.

Fun mardi gras party ideas involve lots of music. Try setting up or displaying pictures of trombones,trumpets or drums.

Sprinkle tiny confetti masks around tables. These mardi gras novelties* will put you and your guests in the mood for this gala event.

Do you wonder what type of *Mardi Gras Games or activites you can play for this party?

Mardi gras party games* include any carnival style game. Special activities are dancing to jazz tapes or dixieland music. Videotaping this event is a must do! Play the tape at the end of the night as guests wind down.

Another merry making mardi gras party idea is to get the guests together and parade around the property to create a real mardi gras parade. Be sure to have some noise makers on hand.

Or arrange to have the street cordoned off for an evening so everyone can mingle and masquerade. Fill folding tables with appetizers. Book magicians, stilt-walkers and fire-eaters for entertainment. At midnight encourage guests to follow you in a torch led procession up and down the street.

Think about the mardi gras party menu* next. Ideas include mardi gras cupcakes* or mardi gras cake ideas. The cake could be a white cake glazed with colored sugars and include a plastic baby or child baked in the cake. Whichever guests find the baby in the cake will be blessed with good luck. Try making a colorful king cake it is a New Orleans tradition. King cake recipes can be found on our cakes page.

This day is also known as pancake day* so you could opt for pancakes as a great food idea. You'll flip out when you see the great pancake ideas we have for you.

Ideas for *Mardi Gras Food include anything cajun. Such as jambalaya, shrimp, or pecan pie. Creole sauce is a typical mardi gras party sauce for mardi gras foods.

The best mardi gras party ideas allow this party to be loud and joyous,and the costumes provide the most fun for this party, so get dressed up and celebrate this fantastic affair.

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