Make The Grade With High School Graduation Party Ideas

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High school graduation party ideas can be based on the graduates interests or future goals.There are many high school graduation themes.*

One theme is to hold a high school graduation barbeque party.

A barbeque party theme is a food oriented party which you can hold outdoors and its also an easy and good idea.

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High school graduation party invitations*

Send out diploma style invites. Use rolled up parchment paper (to resemble a diploma) with the invitation inside. Attach tassles to the scrolled up diploma or tie ribbon around the scroll.

Use a photo of the graduate and write the invitation on the back. Make copies and place in envelopes to send out to the invitees.

Mention in the invitations that you are hoping for some guests to make up high school graduation speeches* that any guest volunteers can read at the party.

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Ambiance and decor

If you are the parent you may want to think about renting a few large tents. This will provide shelter from a hot sun or possible rain showers. Place picnic tables under the tents as well as outside the tent so guests have a choice.

Use rolled up diplomas or scrolled up parchement paper with tassels attached and place around the area or on tables or attached to tents.

If the graduate was a sports star or a cheerleader you could decorate with pom poms or game pennants or trophies.

Put pictures of the graduate on tables. You could blow up a very large photo and attach to a picnic table which you've place at the front entrance areas to the barbeque. Or use an easel to tape the picture too.

Blow up or make copies of the high school diploma and place it around the barbeque area too.

Decorate with textbooks and yearbooks and any trophies or acheivement memorabilia you may have from the graduates high school years.

Attach ballons to chairs or tables and drape streamers anywhere they look good.

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High school graduation party ideas include fun activites and games.

-Ask the high school valedictorian to appear and prepare a complimentary speech about the graduate.

-Other guests could get up and talk about the graduate as well.

-Watch the graduation videotape.

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Make the usual teen favorites such as hamburgers and hotdogs. Serve the food in brown lunch bags or school lunch boxes.

Put chips and snacks on each table as appetizers.

Have a couple of picnic benches covered with tablecloths that hold the barbeque trimmings.

Set up one table to look like a school cafeteria. Have two or three alternative foods (other then barbequed)available for choice. Make up a name for each food that reflects the graduation theme and make up a place card with that name written on it.

Example-if you make up sandwiches you could call them diploma sandwiches - a ham sandwich could be named high school ham sandwiches or a salad could be called ceremony salad etc.

Ask the celebrant to make up their own dish and name it.


Alcohol should not be served at this party.

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If you are an attendee at the party you probably will want to find the *best high school graduation gifts* so you can give a special gift to the graduate.

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