Elmo Birthday Party Ideas For A Fun Sesame Street Party

alt elmo birthday party ideas

Kids love elmo.

Your child will be excited just looking at elmo birthday party ideas. And even happier when he or she finds out they are going to have a real elmo birthday party!

Elmo, the furry little friend from sesame street loves hanging with his pals big bird, the cookie monster and abby cadabby. You will want to make them a big part of this party too!

Kids love them all.

Lets start with Elmo Party Decorations

Get a few stuffed sesame street animals or elmo plush toys* and posters to put around the party area and paste on walls.

Use sesame street themed candles and elmo tablecloths.

Hang sesame street balloons and streamers wherever you can.

Elmo Games*and activities

Watch elmo videos* or elmo movies*

One fun elmo game* is to get an elmo pinata and let the kids pull the colorful ribbons to release the elmo treats and favors inside.

Elmo puzzles will keep the kids toned down.

Get elmo stickers for the kids to decorate with.

There are many elmo fun books for kids to look at or for you to read to the children.

You could get some elmo hand puppets and other sesame street puppets so the kids could have a puppet show.

For any games that are played you can get elmo clothing* or jewelery to give as prizes or gifts.

Elmo coloring pages because kids like to color. Free Elmo Coloring Pages*

Elmo Party Food

Every kid knows that elmo loves pizza so it is an obvious food for the party.

Make special elmo or sesame street cupcakes. You can get special elmo cupcake paper liners and tiny toy elmo or sesame street figures to top cupcakes. Or make a big elmo birthday cake*!You can get some special elmo cake pans to bake in.

Red jello

Cookie monster cookies

Elmo birthday party ideas would not be complete without a few Elmo Songs

On sesame street elmo just loves singing songs with his friends, especially ernie. Playing an elmo song* or two will provide musical entertainment and get the children singing.

You can get elmo songs on cd or tape songs from sesame street to play at the party.

Elmo Party Favors

memory games, elmo crayons

Elmo books or cds

elmo stickers*

elmo clothing*

elmo toys*

Elmo Costume And Dress Up Ideas

You could dress the birthday boy or girl in a special elmo costume* that you can get here.

More elmo costumes* along with other sesame street character costumes can be found here.

Elmo Birthday Supplies

Get a complete elmo kit that has everything you need for the party in one package.

Make your own elmo birthday party invitations* Get free elmo clip art* for your homemade elmo invitations.*

More to come

elmo document camera

elmo projector

Elmo home goods

elmo toys

elmo stuffed toys

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