Make Ahead Appetizer Recipes

Whether you call them make ahead appetizer recipes, easy party appetizers, canapes or hors d ouevres, you will find tasty recipes and party finger foods* to stimulate your appetite.

These fine party food appetizers* include make ahead appetizer recipes*,easy cold appetizer recipes*, healthy appetizer recipes* and some of the best appetizer recipes* around.

Easy party appetizers include delicious sandwich appetizers, meat appetizers, egg or cheese appetizers, appetizers for kids or any easy party snacks you can think of.

Every mouthful and every nibble will be tasteful.

Here is our starter list.

Easy Cold Appetizer Recipes

The best part of serving easy cold appetizers is that you can make em and put them in the refrigerator the same day and pull them out when the party starts.

Make Ahead Appetizer Recipes

Make ahead appetizers are good because they dont limit you to making cold appetizers. These could be warm appetizers too.

Top 5 Appetizers For Kids

Kids parties need great food. If your mom or dad you probably would like to provide party food for your kid party that is SIMPLE, takes little time and still will delight the party kids.

Top 5 Best Rated Appetizer Recipes Below are our best appetizer recipes.


The way to make a party appetizer or snack appealing is to serve them on large party trays. Using lace dolles adds a very elegant touch. Scatter the trays around the room because this will help your party guests get to know each other.

Top 5 Healthy Appetizer Recipes

Even though these canapes are probably being used at parties there are those who may still be interested in serving healthy foods.

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