Dinosaur Party Ideas For Kids Birthdays (4-7 yrs old)

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Make no bones about it, these dinosaur party ideas will ensure that your kids and their friends have the most dino-mite birthday party ever!

Children seem fascinated by dinosaurs. Their curiosity with these stone-age creatures peaks around four to seven years of age. Archeologists will tell you that to find a dinosaur bone is like finding a buried treasure! So what better way to invite your guests to your party then with dinosaur-bone invitations!

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Dinosaur Party Supplies

Before you start you may want to check out some dinosaur party packs that will enhance the party.

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star

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Dinosaur Invitations

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star Invitation 1.

Try the following dinosaur-bone invitation. To ensure you have the best dinosaour party idea for an invitation we've included another invitation idea below this one.

Use beige or bone colored (off white) construction paper and draw a bone shape on it. Cut out the shape and use it to trace the bone shape onto more construction paper to make more invites (make as many as you need according to number of guests. On the invite write your invitation. You may want to write in three long lines so everything will fit as the bone will be narrower in the middle part.

Dinosaur party ideas and TIPs: Put a costume suggestion sheet in the invitation so kids know how to dress up. Farther down the page are costume suggestions to include.

Write you costume suggestions on sheets of paper and include one with each invitation inside an envelope and mail off. (make sure to include your name and phone number in case parents have questions about how to create the costumes.)

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star Invitation 2.

Cut green paper into the shape of a dinosaur using a or by tracing a shape from a book or image.

Here is a cool dinosaur clipart template to print and use for this purpose.

On the front of the invitation, write "come to Dave-asaurus Rex's Dinosaur Birthday Party! Or, make no bones about it, Dave is having a dinosaur birthday party and your invited! Outline the shape in green or blue glitter glue. Turn it over and write on the back "You'll have a roaring good time!"

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Dinosaur Party Decorations

Close your eyes and think of a swamp! This setting brings to mind ferns, pebbles, plants and rocks. Drape lots of green crepe paper streamers from ceilings. Make crepe paper ferns to hang from the streamers. You could tape ferns to backs of chairs and edges of tablecloths so they dangle down.

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star Crepe paper ferns

Buy 6 packages of green crepe paper. Unwrap them but keep them folded. Cut a large, long leaf thru all thicknesses of paper, using the whole width and length of paper. Cut gashes in leaves to form a feathery, fernlike effect. Seperate the leaves and stretch the paper slightly to give the ferns interesting shapes.

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star Dinosaur track tablecloths

You will need one or two green paper tablecloths and brown tempera or other fingerpaint. It's a great idea to get your child to help with all the dinosaur party ideas. Make fists with hands. Don't pull your thumb in with your fingers. Press clenched hands, palm side down into a pie plate that has been filled with paint. Make imprints of your hand all around the tablecloth. Use both right and left hands to literally "walk" around the tablecloth so you create a pattern that looks like there was a dinosaur that walked across the fabric.

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star More ideas:

Use white sidewalk chalk and create huge *dinosaur footprints in your driveway or on the street in front of your home. You can print out a dinosaur footprint template here. You will have to enlarge them to your liking on a photocopier.

Tie a plastic or stuffed dinosaur on your mailbox and tie green balloons to outside posts .

Use green balloons and streamers to decorate rooms.

Put a small dinosaur on tables and surround with moss and small plants.

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Take a look at the following fun dinosaur party ideas for games./p>

Dinosaur Party Games

A neat thing to do is to stamp each childs hand with a and ink either when they leave the party or when they arrive

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star Fossil hunt

Hide small dinosaur party favors or candies inside a few dozen plastic eggs. Scatter the eggs inside or out. Give each kid a bag and tell them to race to find as many eggs as they can. If the party is for older kids draw up some picture clues hinting at egg locations.

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star Prehistoric pinata

This is where the kids break paper bag boulders with a baseball bat or club and knock out the goodies inside. You could make a pinata or get a here.

Let the kids create their own puppet show with

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Food for Dinosaur Parties

Dinosaur party ideas include gargantuan brontosaurus burgers (your childs favorite hamburger recipe made into big patties) pterodactyl wings (your favorite wing recipe) and stegasaurus salad!

Add a dinosaur dip such as ( party spinach dip you can find by clicking here -but put it in hollowed out bread for the kids visual pleasure) Serve with veggies and you have a great prehistoric meal. TIP: Put the food on the table with little place cards with the names of each dish. This also teaches the kids how to spell and prounouce tough words.

Serve with stone age shakes and a dinosaur cake below.

Stone age shakes

Takes 15 mins to make:

1 pint vanilla ice cream

2 cups milk

2 ripe bananas

1 tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsps fine sugar

mint leaves (swamp leaves!)

grated nutmeg (optional)


Mix first five ingredients in a blender. Pour into tall glasses or paper cups and garnish with mint leaves. Sprinkle with a dash of nutmeg.

Buy some apple juice and some blue food coloring. Put a drop or two of the food coloring in the apple juice and serve as dinosaur juice for a fun filled dinosaur birthday party drink.

Dinosaur Birthday Cakes

Make dinosaur cupcakes*and bake an egg into one of the cupcakes. Next, frost the cupcakes and sprinkle with candy confetti or other candies and put a small dinosaur figurine in the center. You could also use dinosaur gummy candy. Tell one of the children or guests that one of the cupcakes has a dinosaur egg inside it.(you can easily bake a small a small prize inside one of the cakes -such as a small piece of dinosaur jewelry.

Dinosaur party ideas tip: Be sure to advice the kids to just nibble on the cupcake or eat it gently. The guest that ends up getting the cupcakewith the prize inside receives that prize.

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Dinosaur Costumes

Try some of these fantastic homemade costume suggestions if you are on a budget. Or check here for other dinosaur party ideas for costumes.

You can easily make a caveman or cavewoman costume with anything that is fuzzy or looks like animal skin. A piece of fake fur cloth, and animal print cotton or an old bath rug or throw rug. There is no sewing involved. After all these are prehistoric times!

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star Bath rug or fur cloth outfit

In the center cut a hole. Allow enough fabric to fall down the front and back of the caveperson evenly, and to drape around the sides. Use scissors if you need to trim. Tie the costume at the waist with a cord or sash to keep it in place.

alt adult birthday party ideas_little star Animal print fabric

Use a piece of fabric with a tiger, zebra, leopard or other print, and drape it around the caveperson. It must be wide enought to drape around properly. Tie it in place with a sash. You might want to have the caveperson wear solid colored shirt and pants under the costume. Children may want something lighter under the costume in warmer weather. A swimsuit works well.

Add a to top off your costumes.

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Dinosaur Party Favors

Dinosaur party bags, dinosaur gummy candies, dinosaur coloring books, dinosaur stickers, chocolate eggs (dino eggs)

If you dig these dyno-mite dinosaur party ideas add this page to your favorites or your face book page and share with your friends.

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