Need some Cinco de Mayo party ideas for a sizzzling and spicy Mexican fiesta?

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Then why not get a taste of these flavorful Cinco de Mayo party ideas while they're hot hot hot!

What is Cinco De Mayo you ask?

Celebrated in the USA and in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo (spanish for fifth of May)is a festive celebration held on May 5th.

Cinco de mayo party ideas helps you create a sizzling mexican theme party around this celebration, either on the actual day of May 5th or any other time you just want a fiery mexican alt fiesta

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Cinco De Mayo Decorations

The first thing you want to do is decorate the place with some beautiful CINCO DE MAYO DECORATIONS. Use colored tissue paper and zig zag striped patterns, as well as green,white and red (the color of the mexican flag). Plastic chili peppers, colorful balloons and margarita glasses, donkey themes or plants, like cactus, are also good decorating ideas.

Cinco De Mayo Games

When throwing a mexican style party, a pinata is a MUST A piñata is a brightly-colored decoration made from either a clay container or cardboard shape covered with papier-mâché. They are usually filled with sweets, toys and treats. Depending on the age of the guests you can fill it with whatever you like. It is most often a kids party game although it can be played at any party for any age group.The pinata is hung up to something by a string so it can dangle ( this might be best done outdoors)and the participant is blindfolded. The player then uses a bat or other object to try and hit the pinata in order to break it and score the goodies inside.

You can make one yourself with balloons and newspaper and a few other items.

One of the best cinco de mayo party ideas ever is learning how to make a pinata. If you want to learn HOW TO MAKE A PINATA for your party, check out these PINATA INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.

Pinata Instructions

1. Blow up a large size balloon. Fold a sheet of newspaper into a strip 4 inches or 10 cm wide. Tape it around the center of the balloon. Use wallpaper paste to stick five layers of newspaper around the balloon. Make sure you avoid the knot in the balloon.

2. Wait for the newspaper to dry and get hard. Then glue on legs made from paper rolls, and a head and neck shaped out of some cardboard.

3. Cut out a hole in the body of the pinata and take the balloon out. Fill the body of the pinata with candy, chocolates and any small treat or prize you wish.

4. Cut 35 long strips out of colored crepe paper aabout 4 inches or 10 cm wide. Lay two strips on top of each other. Machine sew down the center. Fold the strips down the center right along the sewn line. Cut a strip with scissors but take care not to cut stitching. Cover the donkey in glue. Then wind the crepe paper you have just prepared around the donkey to totally cover it. If you like you can make up a saddle to put on the back of the pinata.

5. Add eyes and ear cut out of any felt fabric or paper and thread a piece of long wire through the pinata and hang it up to a tree or any other desirable place.

Cinco De Mayo party ideas include tips to make things easy:

If you don't have time to make your own pinata then there are pinatas for sale.* If you have a few extra dollars there are cheap pinatas* that you can purchase to save you the labor.

This is just one game that can be played at your MEXICAN THEME PARTY You can find more exciting CINCO DE MAYO GAMES here.

Mexican Costume

If you are an amigo (male) Some really fun ways to dress for this type of bash are to wear a poncho, sombrero or a fake mustache,that is, if you dont have a real one already!

For amigas there are cha cha girl, flamenco dancer and samba girl outfits.If you want to be a real hot tamale you can choose your own MEXICAN COSTUME right here.

Besides costumes, CINCO DE MAYO CELEBRATIONS also include MEXICAN PARTY SUPPLIES such as party favors, mexican invitations, and gifts or decor.

Cinco De Mayo Food

Oh and lets not forget the food. That, oh so deliciouso mexicali food.

CINCO DE MAYO FOOD is full of various flavors, colourful decoration, and a variety of spices and ingredients.

Mexican Recipes include things like corn chips and beans, salsa, guacomole, tacos, burritos, fajitas, enchiladas and nachos. Are you getting hungry? Me Too! Try one of these yummy quick easy mexican recipes

While you chew on some taco chips walk over to the bar and help yourself to a drink.

Typical alcoholic drinks include tequila, mexican wines, margaritas, Kahlúa and ice cold cerveza (mexican beer). Learn how to make a margarita and other cocktails.

Cinco De Mayo Music and Mexican Dances

CINCO DE MAYO MUSIC and MEXICAN DANCES include the tango and salsa, cha cha cha! la bamba and the macerena. Would anyone like to dance?

Bring out the MEXICAN PARTY FAVORS my friends. Even the average gringo can enjoy this type of party! OLE!!

Got any good cool mexican party ideas of your own? We would love to hear of them below.

Get your free Cinco de Mayo party stuff here, such as printable CINCO DE MAYO CLIPART and other printable MEXICAN INVITATIONS

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