Welcome Your Kids To The Big Top With A Carnival Theme Party

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Introduce your children to the greatest show on earth with a carnival theme party.

Admission price-free!

Inside you will find carnival party games, carnival party decoration ideas and lots of food and fun!

Candy bars, caramel apples,and cotton candy. Hamburgers, french fries and pop for a penny. Very simple and cheap.

That's the idea behind a childrens CARNIVAL THEMED PARTY.

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First let me introduce you to the ringmaster, Charles Bailey.

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He will guide you through and give you some tips.

Tips are highlighted in red.

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Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, the circus is about to begin!

First, step on up to the food booth.

Carnival Food Ideas

TIP: Start your circus party with some wonderful old treats.

Here is a simple one:

Carnival Dogsalt carnival dogs carnival theme

Ingredients: hot dogs, hot dog buns, catsup, mustard, relish, barbeque sauce or cheese.


1. Microwave, bake, boil or grill the hotdogs. Put them in the buns.

2.Put condiments on the table and serve them from a circus booth. See below

There are lots more FOOD FOR A PARTY ideas.

For more CIRCUS FOOD ideas click here

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Now come on in and try your hand at...

Kids Party Activities

Carnival Booths alt kids at a carvinal theme park

TIP: This is a good activity for your children to do to get ready for the party.


tables or benches or boxes, colourful sheets or tablecloths, colorful or bright paper,scissors, paints,paint brushes, balloons,confetti, streamers and some firm type paper like construction paper.


1.Cover each table with a sheet or tablecloth. Decorate with streamer or balloons etc.

2. Paint a sign with the name of the booth for example (Face painting booth or hotdog booth)

3. Have a box of prizes or treats by each booth. (for any carnival booth you may have)

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Next,test your luck at..

Carnival Party Games

This is one party where you can let your kids clown around! What would a circus party be with out some fun and games?

Here is party version of the coin toss that happens at a real carnival!

Materials:5 small cans,wrapping paper, cardboard (10" by 13"),brightly coloured paper, scissors,glue,coins.


1.Take the wrapping paper and cover the cans. Cover the cardboard with brightly coloured paper.

2.Attach small rods of masking tape underneath each can and arrange the cans in a cluster pattern on top of the cardboard. Press down on the cans to hold them in place.

3.Put the game on a tabletop and put some masking tape or other marker on the floor as a point for the kids to start.

4.Each child gets five coins. The object is for the kids to toss the coins into the cans and see how many they can score.

5. Prizes go to the winner, and only the winner can keep the coins.

Note: You could set up a coin toss booth as described for booth set up above.


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CARNIVAL CRAFTS and other Carnival Party Ideas

TIP :The party will be noisy with alot of activities going on, and just to be sure its not too much of a roller coaster ride, plan some sit down crafts.

There are just so many CIRCUS PARTY IDEAS for crafts that the possiblities are endless.

For example: Pt Barnum had the most celebrated amercian circus which included an elephant named Jumbo. Jumbo was much larger than other elephants. You could make some elephant crafts to place around the yard or area where you hold the party.

Kids love clowns,and they are a special part of any circus. Circus party themes always include clowns one way or another. You could get someone to dress up as a clown to entertain the children or hire one. If you dont have time to create an outfit check out this really cool one. It is a really good clown outfit, you dont want to miss it. Or you could have the kids make paper clown crafts too.

Here is an idea for clown crafts:

these cute little carnival theme party clowns stand up so they would be good to use as a table decoration.

Materials:toilet paper tubes,4 1/2 inch by 6 inch coloured paper,scraps of coloured paper, stand-up clown pattern, scissors, markers, glue,paper towels, 1/4 sheets of newspaper, rubber bands 1/2 inch pompons


1. Trace the patterns onto the coloured paper and cut out the pieces.

2. Help each kid glue the coloured paper (4 1/2 by 6 inches) around a tube. Decorate with cut paper scraps or crayons or markers.

3. Glue the paper hands to the sleeves and then glue the sleeves to the back of the tube.

4. Crush a newspaper to make a 2 or 3 inch head. Wrap it in the paper towel, and tie it with a rubber band.

5.Push the head into the toilet tube and draw eyes nose and mouth etc.

6.Overlap and glue the edges of the cap pattern to make a cone. Decorate and glue a pompon on the top.

7.Glue the hat to the clown head and glue the colored bow tie below the clowns chin.

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TIP:Your kids party will feel like a real three ring circus with some clever CARNIVAL PARTY DECORATIONS.

Idea: Choose colourful plates,knives and spoons. Use a a tablecloth sprinkled with little stars and shapes that you can find at dollar stores or craft shops. Confetti, ballons and streamers can be tied to chairs, tables or doorknobs. Add any type of circus props like clown hats or prizes to the table.

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TIP:A Carnival theme party requires a few CARNIVAL PARTY SUPPLIES to make it a big top hit. CARNIVAL PARTY PACKAGES available here.

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The big difference between a regular carnival theme party and a CARNIVAL THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY is just the luscious cake.

TIP:This party can be turned into a birthday party with a CIRCUS Birthday CAKE and candles.

Yet there are alot of CARNIVAL BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS to look over right here if you like.

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Oh, and by the way..

The ringmaster gave you one more tip:

Bookmark this page and make your next jumbo carnival theme party a three ring circus success!

This page is still being built. Please be patient, bookmark and come back to ideas for a kids carnival theme party.

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