Bug Birthday Party Ideas - Kids 3-6 yrs

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Kids will love this creepy crawly bug birthday party celebration.These pesty creatures will crawl, fly and wiggle their way into this this bug-eyed birthday for kids. This theme is great for 3-6 years old because this age group seems the most fascinated with insects.

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Try these free printable kids birthday cards


Purchase a magnifying glass for each child attending and use it as the invitation. Attach a piece of paper to one side of the magnifying glass. write the party details on the paper so they will look magnified. One idea is to write:

You are invited to my "your buggin me party" at (time, place, and name of birthday boy or girl.)

Before attaching the paper to the glass decorate with some bug clip art that you can get here.

Your child should hand deliver to each invitee.

Or as an alternate invitation have your child cut out a a circle from a piece of red paper or cardboard. Draw a black line down the middle and decorate with black dots and stickers for eyes, to resemble a ladybug. Write "bug on over to Joes bug birthday party (on date,time etc)

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Bug Party Decorations

Use sidewalk chalk and create bug trails leading to your front door. Bumblebees, caterpillars etc. Make some butterflies before the party and hang them around the party room or over tables. Cover tables with a plain white paper tablecloth and add bug drawings or images or let the kids do this at the party by providing crayons and paints.

For placemats, cut large leafs out of green paper.

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Kids Birthday Party Game Ideas

Bug Hunt

Have each child use their glass bug house they created for a bug hunt. You can get fake plastic bugs to scatter around the rooms or yard and have the kids hunt for them and put them in their jars as they find them. If they want to include real bugs (for kids that are not fearful) allow them to that also! You could give the guests plastic spoons for picking up bugs if you like.

Bug Bingo

Make up bingo cards with B_U_G_S writeen across the top. Put a name of a bug in each square of the bingo card. Mix up the squares on each card. In other words, do not make each bingo card exactly the same. As the bug names are called out,the kids mark the appropriate space on the card with bug stickers or bingo markers. The kids win this game the same as regular bingo.

Bug Race

Get the kids to line up across a starting line. Have them race toward a finish line and act like bugs along the way. In the first round, for example, ask them to crawl like ants, in the second round flutter like butterflies and in the third round jump like grasshoppers. Hand out rewards at the end for "best bug" for each round. Make sure each child wins once.

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Bug houses

Give each child a glass jar and let them decorate the jar to make a bug house. Lay out stickers, colorful rubber bands,glitter, glue,pebbles, sticks, acorns,and grass. They can use these to decorate the outsides or create a nature environment inside the glass.Put a blank label on the top of each jar lid and let the kids to come up with a bug name for their jar that they or an adult can write on the label. They should also put their own name on the label. Bug Faces Paint each childs face as a bug such as butterflies, ladybugs, ants etc. Use washable ink. Another idea is to get some temporary bug tattoos and give each child a tatoo. Or get a stamper and stamp each childs hand as they arrive or leave the party.

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Write the following cute names on cards and put in front of each dish on a table for the kids delight.

Ham"bug"ers in a cocoon. (hamburgers on buns!)

Ladybug chunkers (watermelon slices)

Termite treats (chocolate chips cookies)

Honeybee nectar (fruit punch)

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Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

Try these butterfly cupcakes. They will fly off the plate!

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Party Favors

Kids will be "itching to take something home" so here are few good ideas.

Party Favors

Plastic bugs

Magnifying glasses

Butterfly catchers

Bug coloring books

Bug stickers

Bug gag gifts

Enjoy your bug birthday party!And if you love these creepy crawly bug party ideas please add us to your favorites.

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