Rock Star Birthday Party Themes for Kids 7-12

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Birthday party themes for kids include this favorite pop or rock star birthday party! Watch your children play the role of their favorite singing celebrity.

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Birthday Party Invitations

A good idea is to make CD invitations by cutting poster board into circles. Punch some holes in the centers, and spray paint each circle with metallic silver or gold paint.

Write the birthday party details on the front of the disc in block lettering as you would see on a CD. If the invitations will be hand delivered, you can enclose each one in its own plastic CD case. Include instructions such as : "We'll be putting on a rock/pop concert for (celebrants birthday)include date,time and place of course.

Inform guests to bring along a CD with their favorite song and be ready to lip-synch it, either alone or with a group."

Or for an alternate rock or pop star birthday party themed invitation you can get a free birthday invitation with a pop star motif here.

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Birthday Party Games for Kids

Imagine the kids being on hollywood boulevard before the party starts. Draw several stars all over the driveway using chalk and write each guest's name in a star. As the guests arrive, they can trace their feet right next to their star.

Birthday party themes for kids for a rock/pop party MUST include:

Pop Star Party Autograph Books

Buy some smal1 notebooks for the birthday party. Write a heading on each of the first few pages of the books. Use heading like "Autographs," "Favorite Pop Star," "Favorite Song," "Favorite Pizza," "Favorite Color," "Favorite Movie," and "Favorite Movie Star." Let the guests decorate the covers on their books with stickers, markers, and glitter glue. Then get them to ask other guests to autograph their books and fill in some of their personal favorites on each page.

Pop Star Sunglasses

What pop or rock star doesn't wear sunglasses!

Pop stars need to be incognito, so each one of the guests needs a good pair of sunglasses. Set out a table with inexpensive children's sunglasses, glue, feathers, glitter, small plastic objects,beads,or other decorative items and let the kids make their own statement by decorating their own sunglasses.

Pop Star Dress-Up

Pay a visit to any thrift shop. Pick up wild style clothes that a pop star might wear. Add clothes from your own family wardrobe, including lots of brightly colored clothes, black items, and any clothes with animal prints. Lay these out with long haired wigs, glitter spray for hair, black, red, green, nail polish, face paint, all colored eyeliner, temporary tattoos, boots, and earrings. The kids dress up as pop or rock stars. If you have any musical instruments or microphones on hand, use them as fun props.

All birthday party themes for kids should include ideas that the party guests will remember for a long time after the party is over. One obvious but good one is to remember to take an instant photo of each guest that you can give to the to take home when the birthday party is over.

Rock Concert

Give each guest the opportunity to perform, either in a group or alone. If there are any children that are resistant to perfoming do not force them, just let them go along and watch and enjoy the party.

You'll need to designate a stage area for the concert. Hang a black cloth backdrop with silver or gold foil stars attached to it, and set up chairs for the other kids to sit in to watch the performances. Give each performing guest a microphone, then play the song they designate, and let the kids tip-sync to it. If you have any musical instruments of your own let the kids use them as props for the performances. Make sure to videotape each act.

Play the videotape back later during the party. You could also use karaoke instead of lip synching if you have a karaoke system or know someone who you could lend from.

Make some music award statues or buy several awards and make sure that each performer or performing group wins one. Awards may include "Best Group," "Best Dancing," "Best Female Performer," "Best Male Performer," "Most Realistic Performance," "Best Lip-Synching," and "Best Overall."

Pop Star Groupie

Arrange chairs in a circle facing outward, so there are fewer chairs than guests. Put the names of famous pop or rock stars into a hat and have each guest draw a name. The kids must memorize their pop star's name and then return their slip of paper to the hat and sit down. The birthday child is the groupie and does not sit down. He draws a name of a pop star out of the hat and yells it out. That guest has to get up and dash around the circle of chairs and try to sit back in his chair again. At the same time, the groupie tries to sit in the vacated chair. Whoever's left without a chair is the groupie for the next round and draws the name of another pop star. Continue playing several rounds.

Freeze Frame

Make one guest (the first time, it can be the birthday child) the DJ. The remaining guests all dance to rock and roll music or pop music using wild and exaggerated movements. The DJ stops the music, and all the kids must freeze their positions. The first guest to move is out and then becomes the DJ for the next round. The kids will really love this one!

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Party Decoration Ideas

Hang CDs from the ceiling with ribbon and decorate with balloons of your choice. Use streamers and cutouts of musical notes or instruments.

Put a sign in front of the house that says something like " Rock concert here to today for (party celebrants birthday).

Use chalk and write hollywood walk of fame on the sidewalk and draw a few large stars as decoration.

Birthday Party Cake

Party food for a kids themed birthday party can include whatever the kids like best. get party food ideas here.

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