Glamour Birthday Party Ideas for Girls -Ages 6-12

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Birthday Party Ideas for Girls are unique to young girls and this particular theme party is a real delight for girls who show interest in beauty and glamour. Girl birthday party ideas are fun whether the girls are learning to make friendship bracelets modelling fashion clothing or doing a beauty makeover such as applying glamour makeup.

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Invitations for Glamour Girl Parties

Get a package of cheap foam curlers at a drugstore or dollar store. Cut colored paper into thin strips to create invitations that are no widerthan the curlers. Wrap the invitation around the foam curler as if it were a strand of hair. Place it inside an envelope and deliver to the invitees.

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Following are a few birthday party ideas for girls Activities and Crafts

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Glamour Girl Face Collage -Before the party, cut out several large photos of faces from magazines and glue each photo to a piece of heavyweight paper. Lay these photos out on a table along with glue and an assortment of dried beans (an assortment of different beans like kidney beans,lima beans,lentils,chick peas etc.)popping corn and peas. Put each type of bean into a paper cup. As guests arrive get them to create a face collage by covering a photograph with the bean varieties by gluing them on. Create a sample collage before the party as an example. One guest may decide to use kidney beans for the eyes, dry corn for the nose and lentiles for teeth. Each one will be different.

Barrette Decorating Set up a table with barrettes.Use puff paint, miniature dice, spray-painted puzzle picees, charms, beads, glue, and have the girls decorate the barrettes.

Safety Pin Beading Use different sizes of safety pins and a variety of beads and charms - let guests string beads onto the pins and hang a few beaded safety pins off of a larger one. They can pin them to their shoes or clothing for fun.

Friendship Bracelets Lay out different colors of cording and some beads and have guests make friendship bracelets.

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Birthday party ideas for girls that are glamour related are going to have to include pre teen glamour. The following are wonderful ideas for this birthday theme.

Beauty Makeovers

Transform a room in your home into a beauty parlor by placing beauty items on a table or two. Provide make up, brushes, curlers, blow dryers, hair and clothing accessories and other beauty supplies. Put beauty pictures on walls that you cut out of beauty magazines.A good birthday party idea for girls is to set up different stations. One for nails, one for hair, one for pedicures, facials, makeup or clothing. Ask a few friends to act as beauticians. Guests can rotate around the stations to receive their makeovers. Nail art, hair beading and scalp massages are some ideas.

Photo Shoot Using an instant camera take photos of each girl and put in a frame. Give them out as party favors. Make sure you also take a group photo. After the party, create a photo album for the birthday girl.

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Girls Birthday Party Games

Birthday party ideas for girls games include the following:

Dress-Up Relay Race Put an outfit consisting of a items of clothing like hats, jewelry and clothing, in a suitcase. Split the guests into two teams. Establish a starting line and place the suitcase on a chair a good distance from the starting line. The first guest in each line must run to the suitcase, put on the entire outfit, and run back to the line. The other guests must help her remove the outfit and dress the next child in line. That child then runs anound the chair and back, and so on.

The last guest must undress, put the outfit back into the suitcase, and put the suitcase back on the chair. The first team with the suitcase back on the chair wins a special prize. If you have a video camera, tape this game and play it back for the kids when they sit down to eat.

Glamour Girl Price Is Right (ages 7 and up) Gather up a bunch of beauty objects like makeup, combs, nail polish etc, and line these up across a table. Write the price of each item on a slip of paper and place the price facedown behind the item. Give each guest a piece of paper and pencil. One by one, hold up each item and describe it. Ask the kids to guess the price of each item and write it down. The child who guesses closest to the price without going over wins a prize.

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Girl Birthday Cakes and Food

A good idea is to take the kids out to a pizza place, Mcdonalds or Chucky Cheese. If you want to serve food at home and need party food ideas click here.

If you want an easy cake idea then use this unique birthday party ideas for girls TIP and go with making cupcakes for kids. Cupcakes are simple and a good replacement for making a full flegded fancy party cake.

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Birthday Gifts for Girls

Magazines (Glamour Magazine Online*)

Hair brushes or combs, hair accessories

Hair beads and Nail polish

Photo Frames

Lipg1oss and Cologne

Cosmetic cases

glamour shots photography

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You will find unlimited birthday party ideas for girls if you decide to throw this fun glamour girl party. If your child is a girl interested in glamour and beauty, try some of the above ideas and let us know how your party goes! We will soon add a section where you can add your photos or stories so please bookmark this site.

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