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Add A Little Fun With Birthday Party Games For Kids

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Birthday party games for kids will add that little extra magic to your childrens birthday.

Unlike adult parties that don't always have to include games, childrens birthday party games* will keep the youngsters occupied and at the same time provide entertainment.

Since there are alot of different party games for kids* to enjoy we decided to break it down into indoor and outdoor games to start with.

Indoor Kids Party Games


Tag By Flashlight

This is one of those girl slumber party games that work well. Or any night time party.

This game is played in the dark so it is probably best played indoors as some kids may be frightened outdoors in the dark. Turn out the lights in your home. This is a hide and seek game so you need to decide who will be "it" to start the game. The person who is it gets a flashlight and the other children run and hide. The child with the light must try to find the other hiding children. Each child who gets tagged or found by the flashlight beam is out. The last child tagged becomes "it" for the next round. You could supply prizes for the last child found if you like to make it more fun.

Kids Outdoor Party Games


Raw Egg Spoon Race

Divide the kids into two teams. Make sure there is an even number of children in each group. Give each player a tablespoon and arrange the two teams into two lines.Choose a team leader for each side. Put a raw egg on each team leaders spoon. The leader must pass the egg to the next team member without dropping the egg. Each team member passes the egg down the line.

If the egg gets dropped the team must start over. Both teams continue passing the egg until the team that passes the egg successfully from member to member to the end of the line is the winner. You could play this game inside but be sure to use a different object for the spoon such as a grape or a small ping pong ball. Anything that wont make a mess.

Kids Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt for children is always popular.

For this game you might be throwing an actual treasure hunt party. In that case you may want to have some treasure hunt party clues.*or treasure hunt riddles*

As each guest arrives give them a small gift/treasure and ask them to hide it outside on the property. Write down which gift you gave to which guest. Once all guests have arrived and hidden their treasures send everyone on a search for the hidden items. The treasure that gets found last is the winner. Look at your sheet to see whose treasure that is. Since this gift was hidden the best that child or guest wins an extra prize.

For treasure hunt clues, treasure hunt games. and more treasure hunt ideas for kids go to kids treasure hunt site below.

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party scavenger hunt gamestreasure hunt games for kids

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