Adult Pool Party Ideas For A Splashing Party!

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Dive into adult pool party ideas for a great splash bash.

You can do this as a backyard pool party in warm climates. If you are in a cooler climate you can rent a club pool for this occasion.

There are many POOL PARTY THEMES. If you want to throw an original pool party then jump in with both feet.

Non swimmers can sit poolside and still enjoy this party.

For the purposes of this party you need to invite a number of couples to the party.


Since this is an adult party it quite likely could go into the evening. There is not much need to actually decorate the pool area with decorations since too many decorations around a pool can be dangerous. We suggest having a costumed mermaid sitting at one end of the pool to delight the guests. As night falls set some candles, lanterns or torches around the pool.

Whether you eat inside or out, plan to set up tables for four. Make sure they are not too too close to the pool, as people may be drinking and you don't want any accidents!

Put some short stemmed roses or greenery on each table and a candle. Light the table candles before the meal.

One decent adult pool party idea is to have an outdoor buffet. You could put a delicious POOL PARTY CAKE in the middle of the table. More ideas for POOL PARTY CAKES here.

Paper plates, forks and knives with a water theme work well with this informal style of party.

Get an instant camera and take pictures. Designate one person to snap the pictures and pass them around the table during the meal for some fun and laugther.

Provide clean towels and a changing area for guests.

POOL PARTY GAMES can include water volleyball or a frisbee toss. There are PARTY GAMES SWIMMING POOL ideas of all kinds.

One really fun and original game idea is to ask the men to get out of the water and stand along the edge of the pool. Women must remain in the water with their backs turned. The host and another person must hold a long sheet over the men from head to toe.

The women turn around and the host raises the sheet just to show the mens feet. Each woman must guess who she came to the party with! There can be more then one winner. Each winner gets a prize. T-shirts, flip flops or any other related pool theme will work.

Another good idea for an ADULT POOL PARTY is to place a small gift under one chair in the eating area. Before or after the meal ask each guest to look under their chair. One guest will win that gift.

After your party send your POOL PARTY PHOTOS, IDEAS and stories to us at ADULT POOL PARTY IDEAS, and we will publish them on our site to share with others.

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