Be A Winner With Adult Birthday Party Games

It's really not if you win or lose but how you play adult birthday party games.

Ready to learn how?

These fun birthday party games can be played at birthdays or any other general party where you want a bit of fun and folly.

As time goes by we will try to provide more age related birthday party game ideas.

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Icebreaker Game Ideas*

There are many good free ice breaker games*. Ice breakers games* are fun and let you get to know your party guests.

A good group icebreaker game* follows. There are more ice breakers for groups and we will add them as we get them.

Who Am I Game

When the party begins there will be those who show up early and those who show up later. This is a great game to keep the early arrivals busy.


Write down the names of famous people on paper. Pin one page on each guests back. Players can only see the famous name on other players back, but not their own. Each player must try to figure out who the famous person is on their own back by questioning the other players. Players can only ask each other questions that require a yes or no answer. Such as, " Am I a male or female, or am I an American or a Canadian etc. The first player who guesses their own famous person wins a prize. Keep extra prizes on hand in case of ties.

Mystery Guest

Before the party decide on one person as a mystery guest. The object is to get the guests mingling and talking to each other. Instruct them to find out as much as possible about the others guests during a fifteen minute time period. The host then reads out a list of facts about the mystery guest, such as where they went to school, their favorite color, favorite food etc. The person who first guesses the mystery guests identity wins a prize.

Tea Party Games

Tea Leaf Readings

This is fun for adult tea parties.

When guests are done drinking their tea have them pour out any remaining tea from their cups. Do this with a strainer so only the tea leaves are left in the cup.Shake up the tea leaves and then turn over the cups onto saucers. The shapes left by the tea leaves will fortell the future for each guest. For instance, a fruit shape means fortune ahead or a tree shape is a symbol of luck. Consult a tea reading fortune telling book* for more interpretations.

Whose The Baby?

Ask each guest to bring along a baby photo of themselves. Lay them out on a table with a number above each picture. The players have to try to guess which picture is of which guest. Make sure you give each guest a pen and paper so they can write down their answers. The guest that comes up with the most correct answers is the winner.

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