90th Birthday Party Ideas for a Vintage Victorian Tea Party

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Celebrate an afternoon tea party with 90th birthday party ideas*. 90th birthday ideas* for a charming ninetieth birthday could involve enjoying a hot cup of tea with family and friends.

If your planning this 90th birthday it is probably best held in the mid afternoon or as high tea in the late afteroon. Both involve some type of sandwiches, pastries or desserts and perhaps bread and butter and of course the tea!.

This charming celebration can be held indoors in front of a cozy fireplace in winter, or outdoors in a garden in warmer weather.

If you are the host then you will want to send out the invitations. 90th Birthday Invitations.*

Use floral paper or construction paper and a teacup motif.

Get a teacup template here to create your own victorian tea party invitations.* Or a template for garden tea party invitations.'*

Tea party invitation wording* might be as follows:

We cordially invite you to a tea party birthday in honor of (celebrants name) at (time) at (party location)


(celebrant name) requests your presence at his/her 90th victorian birthday tea. At (time,place,location etc.)

You could attach the invite to a tea bag or vintage style hankerchief.

You could also make up your own 90th birthday poem inside for wording or get 90th birthday poems* for the invitation here.

If the party is for a male you could use an english hunt motif.

A great 90th birthday party idea is to invite guests to wear their best hats and gloves for the occasion.

90th Birthday Tea Party Decorating Ideas

Hold the party in a tea room in a hotel, in a garden or at home in a tea room you create.

This party requires a soft victorian feel. Here are things to look for.

-any lace items like gloves or tablecloths

-doily placemats

-dainty purses

-anything with pearls like necklaces or bracelets

-long white gloves

-victorian style tea sets

-cloth napkins

-victorian dolls

Set up a buffet table with tea service. You could use any floral or sterling silver set. For gentlemen copper is poplular. Include napkins, tea strainers and tea spoons that are co-ordinated. Antique table cloths made of or trimmed with lace look beautiful on tables.

Use cake pedestals*, serving dishes or trays to display tea cookies and tea cakes.

Use victorian themed place cards*.

Play classical music for ambience.

Tea Party Birthday Games

Play a few old fashioned parlor games like chess or checkers.

Charades is a good game for any social gathering.

As the host you could dress in a victorian costume* and recite one or two victorian poems*. Reading from a victorian novel* is another great 90th birthday idea.

If holding the occasion outside you could set up a game of croquet.*

Get more 90th birthday party ideas for games including a fun tea leaf reading game at adult birthday party games.

Since this is a tea party choosing food for the party is quite simple. At any tea, dainty sandwiches, tea cakes, cookies, petits fours, scones and jams make up a lovely menu.

Menu for Tea Party.

Cucumber sandwiches, salmon and cream cheese pinwheels or honey sandwiches work nicely.

Savory scones

Triple chocolate cookies



90th Birthday Cake

A victorian-era charm cake recipe follows. Bake a simple layer cake from package cake mix and for each guest tie any charm to a longish length of ribbon. Hide the charm end under the cake but leave the ribbon end out-stretched. Each guest takes a turn pulling a ribbon so as to pull out the charm underneath the cake to learn of his fortune for the future.

Examples of charms to put on the ribbons could be hearts -meaning true love, diamonds - meaning riches or a ladybug for good luck etc. For more on meanings or to get charms see...

And because this 90th birthday party revolves around the tea try serving up either Ceylon or China teas.

90th birthdays are few and far between so you may want to celebrate with 90th Birthday Party Favors.However, keep the celebrants age in mind and if necessary don't buy party favors that are loud or unsettling. A favor doesn't have to be a loud noisemaker, it can be any little gift you think would delight the celebrant.

Ideas include:

-a vintage hanky

-canister of tea

-tea cups or tea sets

-anything with floral patterns

Tip: Keep the birthday person in mind when deciding on favors or gifts. Think ahead about their likes and dislikes.

90th Birthday Gifts*include:

victorian poem book

victorian novel

charm bracelet

pearl necklace

lace shawl

jeweled hatpin

walking stick

english teas,organic teas,specialty teas,flavored teas

a tea service

Last but not least you want to make sure this party will be the celebrants "cup of tea" so give a special milestone 90th birthday card. If you dont know where to find a card for a ninety year old simply check out 90th birthday cards.*here.

90th birthday party ideas wishes you a happy 90th birthday*

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