Take A Swing At These Super 60th Birthday Party Ideas For Golfers

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60th birthday party ideas will show you how to have a swinging sixtieth birthday. Sink a hole in one with these 60th birthday celebration ideas*.

These free 60th birthday party ideas starts off with 60th birthday invitations*'

60th Birthday Party Invitations

Use a golf motif. Inside the invitation write:

You are invited to a hole in one 60th birthday party in honor of (celebrants name) Tee time starts at (time and date of party)at (address of party)

A few other inviation designs could be:

Glue the invitation to the cover of a popular golf magazine.

Write the party details on the front of a gold sun visor.

Attach a toy birdie to the invite.

Be sure to let each guest know that they should bring their golf clubs and golf attire if this party will be held at a fairway or golf course.

60th Birthday Decorations*

Use green as a color theme to reflect the grassy golf fairway. Green tablecloths, balloons or streamers. Get balloons that have 60th birthday logo on them.

Use golf scorecards as place cards for the table.

Set a hole-in-one cup and flag on each table as a centerpiece.

Put a bunch of golf balls into a nice bowl and set on each table for a golf themed centerpiece.

60th Birthday Games

60th birthday party ideas include fun games.

Reserve tee times at a golf course. Playing golf is the name of the game for this party.

You could also reserve a mini golf course if you like.

Or try some of these ideas below if you hold this party at home.

Make up a miniature gold course in your backyard or even in a large room. It should resemble a real golf course with traps,tunnels and water hazard areas.

For a little extra fun play after dark. String lights in trees and paint golf balls with glow in the dark paint.

Wear glow in the dark clothing or accessories.

Or you can set up a driving range where you have a chip shot practice area and putting greens.

Rent golf video games

Hire a golf professional to help the guests with their putts, drives and shots. Or take a look here for free practical golf tips that include golf learning styles, game tips, swing tips and putting tips.

60th birthday party supplies*

Sixtieth Birthday Food Ideas

Use cool golf themed lunch boxes and put chips, sandwiches and golf ball truffles in each one. Include a tasty green salad.

serve any style drink with straws decorated with little golf flags. Or try serving green tea.

60th Birthday Cake Ideas* and dessert ideas.

A fun hole in one cake- Bake a cake using packaged cake mix. At one end dig a hole about the depth and width of a small paper cup. Put a small novelty flag right next to the hole. Put a cup in the hole you created and frost the cake to your liking. At the other end of the cake put a golf truffle on a tee.

Or make cupcakes topped with truffles shaped like golf balls.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas

A 60th birthday gift* should be lots of fun. Just because your turning sixty doesn't mean your old! This party should be light hearted and fun. Look for some unusual 60th birthday gifts* or gag gifts for 60th birthday* parties.

Some ideas for gifts could include a set of golf clubs, golf shirt of clothing or a gift certificate to a golf store.

Once you find your perfect gift you probably will want some suggestions for 60th birthday greetings*, 60th birthday sayings*, and 60th birthday humor to write on your 60th birthday cards.

How about a 60th birthday poem* or 60th birthday verse*for the celebrants birthday card?

For more sixtieth party ideas add 60th birthday party ideas to your favorites.

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