Born To Be Wild 50th Birthday Ideas For Adults

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Cut loose with 50th birthday ideas for a wild and crazy biker birthday party bash! You don't have to be a hells angel to throw this fun and original fiftieth birthday party.This is one great adult birthday party theme.

50th Birthday Invitations

Use invitations with a motorcyle theme. Sample wording could be as follows:

"Come and get wild with (celebrants name) at his/her fiftieth birthday party!" Include the address,date and time of the party.

You could attach the invite to a harley hog novelty toy (also known as a toy pig) Or get a motorcyle themed invitation and paste a child photo of the celebrant on a bicycle or tricycle.

Ask the guests to wear wild dress or clothing to the party such as bandanas, cool biker belts,jackets,jewelry and so on.

Ask any guests that are bikers to come on their bikes.

50th Birthday Decorations

You can hold the party at a bar or at home. Unless your guests are actual bikers though, it is best not to go to a rough and tumble biker bar.

Motorcycle party decorations* include decorating the room with harley davidson balloons.

Put up beer or liquor signs on the walls.

Use official harley davidson paper tableware and use a road map for the table covered by a plastic see through tablecloth.

Put empty beer cans on shelves or around the room.

Drape bandanas over lights or use novelty toy items around the room.

Purchase an old time jukebox and make up a large cardboard motorcyle cutout to place beside it.

50th Birthday Party Games and Biker Party Activities

50th birthday ideas for fun include the following:

Hold a door raffle. Guest can purchase raffle tickets to win a motorcyle or a motorcyle gift,depending on your budget.

Rent or buy biker themed movies such as "easy rider" to watch or have playing in the background.

Dance to rock and roll music either recorded on cds or from an old style jukebox.Make sure to play "born to be wild" by steppewolf!

Hire a deejay or live rock band.

Play Hog Toss:

Set up a table and a motorcycle tire set at one end and have guests toss plush toy hogs into the tire. Time the game and the winner is the one with the most toys thrown into the middle of the tire in an alotted time.

Or line up emply beer cans and write point numbers on them. Have guests toss toy hogs at the cans and to try to knock them over.The player with the most points wins.

Hold a karaoke contest. Provide sheet music wording to guests and background music provided by a guitarist or band and have a singing contest.

50th Birthday Ideas For Food

Hell bent chicken wings.

French fries and mashed potatoes smoothered with beef gravy.

Corn on the cob. You could hold a corn boil outside in the yard if you have the property.

Barbeque ribs or steaks.

50th birthday cakes could include a devils food cake with a hog-on-a-harley design.

Or make these special hog cupcakes. They are more like an ice cream treat in a cupcake liner.

Scoop any flavor icecream into liners and use marshmallows, chocolate chips or other small candy decorations to make a snout and eyes.

Cut choclote into triangle shapes and use them to make ears on the cupcake.

Party drinks like rum and coke or tequila sunrise.

TIP: Make arrangements for those who may drink too much. make sure nobody drinks and drives!

50th Birthday Gift Ideas or prizes

Harley-Davidson teashirts or harley davidson clothing, harley keychains or other items.

Indian or harley gift certificates.

A collection of motorcyle movies.

A leather jacket.

Motorycyle helmet.

50th birthday gag gifts.

50th birthday party supplies

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