Fabulous 40th Birthday Ideas

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Life begins with 40th birthday ideas.

Chances are you have worked hard for quite a while now. You may have a wife/husband and kids and feel as though you haven't done enough for you.

This party is about indulging yourself.

Eat that extra piece of cake and maybe buy something you have always wanted.

Things don't have to get worse with age, they just change.

Your not over the hill, your just looking from the top of the hill over to the right side of forty.

40th Birthday Invitations*:

Choose your 40th birthday invitation below.

Cut out the numbers four and one from some tagboard and write your party details on the back in black marker. cover the invitations with gold or silver gift wrap.

Use the "middle ages" in history as a theme for the invitation. Cut out a sword from gold or silver paper, write the party details on it and put it in an envelope.

Cut out the number 40 from tagboard and write the invitations time, date and address etc. on the cutout. Wrap a tiny box and put the invitation inside. Drop it off or mail it to each guest.

Write your details on a party horn or hat that has happy birthday written on it.

Or purchase your 40th birthday party invitations* here.


40th birthday ideas include attractive 40th Birthday Decorations

Find the days horoscope for the birthday celebrant in a newspaper or magazine. Copy it out onto a large piece of cardboard and put it up on the wall. Read it out loud for some fun during the party.

Make your party room look like an old castle or forest from the "middle ages." Do a search on the internet under the word "middle ages" to get some ideas for colors or schemes. With a little paint and paper you could set your rooms up to look like something out of the middle ages.

Hang up photos of the guest of honor from the past and present. Write funny captions under each photo. keep them in the dark (maybe hang them in a spare room or cover them with a cloth) until the party is in full swing and unveil them for some fun party laughs when you feel the time is right.

Fill the party rooms with colorful streamers, confetti or balloons. Attach streamers to the ceiling, draping them out towards the walls and letting the ends hang down to create a gazebo effect.

Sprinkle confetti on the floor or make up a whole bunch of colored little numbered 40's from paper or cardboard and scatter them everywhere.

40th Birthday Party Games

Here are some ageless games you can play.

Take each guest aside during the party. Have a video camera on hand and ask each guest to provide a funny thought or ancedote about the birthday party honoree. Play the tape during the party and give the tape to the celebrant as a gift to take home.

Dig up a few fun facts about the honoree such as a hobby, a favorite food or pet or their middle name. Write them on cards. Make up several strange facts that are not true and write those on cards also. Mix them up and put in a party hat. Draw them and read each one and have guests guess if they are true or false. Keep score and award a gag gift to the winner or winners.

Rent the movie "middle age crazy" starring Ann Margret.

In the middle ages they used to play drinking games. So, a good 40th birthday party idea is to have a wine tasting or make and drink cocktails.

Here is a great 40th birthday ideas TIP:

Ask guests to bring a favorite bottle of wine. Tell them they must cover the label up. Pour the various wines throughout the evening and ask guests to guess and write down which kind of wine they are tasting. Keep track and award a good bottle of wine as a prize to the winner. For a bit more info try wine tasting party ideas.

40th Birthday Ideas For Food

There are lots of ideas for 40th birthday cakes *but dont miss the easiest 40th Birthday Cake Ideas ever below.


Buy your favorite boxed vanilla cake or other flavor and bake according to package directions.

Then use this 40th birthday cake design* for your special cake.

Use colored frosting of your choice and draw a big mumber 40 on the cake. Use a pastry bag to do this and draw out a few star shapes around the number. Add the birthday boy or girls name to the cake if so desired. Or write the words middle aged crazy on the cake.

As an alternative have a bakery create a cake with a middle ages theme. They could create two cakes. One would be shaped like a number 4 and the other shaped like a zero.

Have a piece of this fabulous 40th birthday cake* and don't worry.

Ya your gut looks a little puffy but what the heck you only live once.

Be happy!

Unique Gift Ideas For 40th Birthday

This includes 40th birthday gifts for men.

If you are the celebrant or if you are the host throwing the party you want a special gift. 40th birthday gag gifts are always a fun and crazy idea.

Whatever gift you decide on, indulge yourself or the birthday girl or boy on their birthday party. Buy something a little more expensive. Something the celebrant has always wanted.

40th birthday gift examples:

an expensive bottle of wine

expensive jewelry

a piece of art or a pricy art poster

a car that costs more than 30,000

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Your welcome back anytime to

40th birthday ideas.

Happy 40th Birthday!

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