Take a Gamble With 30th Birthday Ideas At The Casino

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Raise your stakes and become a high roller with these 30th birthday ideas.

Ante up and create a casino night themed birthday party for a fun 30th birthday celebration.

We wager you'll have a great time.

It wasn't simply kismet that you arrived on this page. We happen to know that you want to have the best thirtieth birthday party of your adult life.

So, we've stuck out our neck to give you the best 30th birthday party ideas for invitations, jokes, poems, cakes, decorations and games.

You'll play Bingo, blackjack, poker or bridge and maybe a board game or two at this party.

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When the chips are down you'll want some good 30th birthday ideas for invitations.

30th birthday invitations

Sample wording for your invites follows:

Lady luck has shone on you,

Because she has invited you to,

Attend a 30th birthday party casino night for (celebrants name) at (time)(place)

Odds are you'll have a winning time!

You could also find inspiration for the invitation wording by using funny 30th birthday poems

Also, another great 30th birthday idea for invitations is to try any of the following when sending out the invitations.

  • put a pair of dice in with the invite
  • glue a few poker chips to the invite or envelope
  • glue a picture of the guest of honor over a high suit playing card and send with the invite
  • put some fake coins or bills with the invitation

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Party Costumes

Of course, all good parties do not require costumes. However, it is certain that the ambience of a casino birthday party would be enhanced with the host dressing the part.The host or hostess should dress as a casino dealer. One could dress in black slacks and a white shirt with a black bow tie or purchase a casino dealer costume. Plan to have a couple of helpers to serve up snacks or drinks and they should dress in waiter or waitress costumes or tuxedos.

Any way you roll the dice, you also want to have the proper decorations for a casino party, as well as keeping with the 30th birthday theme.

Decor can include banners and balloons with the numbers 30 on them or you could display giant dice, giant playing cards,cups full of tokens and a money wheel.

You could hold this party in a large hotel ballroom or rent a hall.

More 30th birthday ideas are:

Rent crap, roulette or black jack tables.

Have tables covered with nice tablecloths for serving drinks or cocktails. White linen works best and you might set small lamps or other lighting devices on tables.

Flowers in vases are a nice touch too.

30th birthday party ideas for decoration or mood creation could include rolling a red carpet down the hall or at your front door if at home.

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If play your cards right we will show you some of the best Party Entertainment ideas for this themed 30th birthday celebration below.

Depending on your circumstances you can either rent an entertainment company to manage the casino games for you or do it yourself.

Before the games start, give each guest lots of play money.

You should have set your tables up and have a few games going on all at once.

Poker at one table, card games at a couple of card tables or bingo in the backyard or on the patio. You will need someone to call the balls if you set up a bingo game.

A good 30th birthday idea is to count each guests money at the end of the games and award a prize or gift to the winner.

Guests could also simply use their winnings to bid for prizes that you have purchased for the birthday party.

To top off the night have a comedian or a guest tell some 30th birthday jokes.

Make sure to toast the honoree with champagne or drinks of their choice.

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All 30th birthdays require you to toss up tasty Birthday Party Food

Don't take a risk following mediocore recipes, instead serve up three or four of these excellent finger foods at various tables around the room.


Gourmet cheese and fruit arranged to look like a roulette wheel

More finger food ideas here.

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Sweeten the pot with 30th Birthday Cakes

What about two cakes made up to look like dice? Sounds like a good deal for this type of party. We Bet you can't eat just one slice.

Or if you want the cake to reflect the actual age of the honoree then 30th birthday cake designs include creating two cakes. One cake shaped like a zero and the other shaped an a number three.Top it with a 30th birthday cake topper.

It's no fluke that we have come up with some 30th Birthday Party Favors And Prizes for your party.

Crystal vase full of coins

Fancy playing cards

Clothing or accessories with a casino theme

Lottery tickets

Anything in gold or anything ritzy you could buy if you were to win big

Poker, blackjack or card strategy books

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Party Music

Play lady gaga's "poker face" of course!

And last but not least, dont leave your gifts up to fate. Unusual 30th Birthday Gifts or 30th birthday gag gifts would be a big smash hit at this 30th birthday party.

An alternate 30th birthday party theme might be a cocktail party. Another favorite 30th birthday party idea is to go to a real live casino. There are casino bus trips available for such an occasion.

Raise your stakes to 30th birthday ideas anytime you want to increase your chances of having a hit party.

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