Go Clubbing With 21st Birthday Party Ideas

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Calling all party animals!

21st birthday party ideas has a wild and fun party idea for you.

Grab the birthday guy or girl and take a trip to your favorite clubs for this terrific 21st birthday celebration.

Remember though, at 21 you are considered to be a young adult and this means you are responsible for your own actions.

Drinking is a part of the entertainment for this twenty-first birthday party, so a chauffeur to drive the group from one party club destination to the next is a responsible idea.

As an alternative, rent a limo for the night.

Let the honoree decide which nightclubs they want to go to.

Change up the party a bit by making this 21st birthday party into a costume party where everyone dresses up in the their choice of costume.

21st birthday party ideas gives you tips and advice. One important point or tip is that some celebrants may not want a party where alchohol is involved.

For alternative *21st birthday party themes that do not involve drinking you might want to try a *21st surprise birthday party.

For this specific club crawl theme though you will need:

21st Birthday Invitations

Use a car motif for the invite

Sample wording for this invitation might be:

Paint the town with (celebrant s name) on his/her birthday!Attend a chauffeured night club party on (date) at (time)

-send out the invitation on a postcard that you decorate with car or limo stickers or with *21st birthday clipart

-or attach a car keychain to the invitation

-ask guests to bring favorite music CDs


Gifts For 21st Birthday

-ask each guest to bring *21st birthday presents appropriate for opening at the clubs

-tell guests to choose a gift that is unusual or different, something the birthday person may not expect

-think about the birthday party honorees interests and likes when choosing an appropriate present

*Unique 21st birthday gifts are a way to show the birthday boy or girl they are special

21st birthday ideas for gifts can include things like CDs of the honorees favorite music or favorite movies

gift certificates to a favorite store

passes to a favorite club

Accompany gifts with a *21st birthday card.

There are lots of ideas for 21st birthday cards that come with different *21st birthday wishes and 21st birthday sayings

21st Birthday Decorations

There are no real "room" decorations for this party but you still will want to decorate the car and the club areas

If you decide to use your own vehicles make sure they are washed and the interior clean

Have the drivers wear formal chauffeur outfits or *chauffeur costumes

Attach 21st birthday party balloons to the outside of the car on bumpers and antennas

Throw a few balloons in back seats

Have disposable cameras in the cars so guests can have fun taking pictures

Have a decent stereo system or a boom box in each car so guests can play their favorite music CDs

Bring balloons to the clubs and ask club management if it would be ok to attach a few balloons around tables where the group will be sitting

21st Birthday Party Ideas For Activities

Have the celebrant chose which clubs he/she wants to go to. If they decide that they want to visit other types of venues, such as a *bowling alley or a dance club, it is their choice. After all, it is THEIR birthday party!

Hold a door prize at each club. Give out tickets to each guest and do a draw at your table.

Have the deejays play special songs chosen by the honoree

Toast the honoree with bubbly or party drinks

Tell some hilarious *21st birthday jokes.

Have guests give the birthday party honoree the gifts they have brought with them. You may want to open a few presents at each location

Light a birthday cake you have prepared beforehand and have the guests sing happy birthday

*21st birthday cakes come in all shapes and sizes. An easy 21st birthday cake idea is to have decorated cakes made up shaped in the numbers 2 and 1

Or serve cupcakes - each served with a candle in the middle

Take a trip back to 21st birthday party ideas when you want to bring out the party animal in you.

*21st birthday party favors 21st birthday party supplies

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