Easy As ABC 1st Birthday Party Ideas

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Create your free first birthday party invitations

1st birthday party ideas will make planning your babies first birthday party very simple.

There a number of FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS for your little dolls, but this ABC FIRST BIRTHDAY THEME is as a cute as a button!

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1st birthday party ideas and TIPS:

-Child proof your home before anything else.

-Keep the party short, maybe an hour to an hour and a quarter. It could be a lunch hour party for parents or a tea party in the later afternoon.

-Don't invite more then four or five babies about the same age, or anywhere between one to one and a half. The babies parents should be with them at all times, and basicallly it is a party for the parents to start with. Babies this age will not remember the party anyway.

First start with the invitation. Invitations for 1 yr olds should have an ABC motif.

An example and some wording could be:

(A)Little (he or she) is Absolutely sweet and small

(B)(he or she) is beautiful beyond belief

(c) (he or she) is as cute as a button

Come and join our ABC birthday party

in honor of (he or she)first birtdhay.

On (date) at(time) at (location of party)

Attach the invitation to an ABC block or other ABC item.

Next you want to think about FIRST BIRTHDAY DECORATION ideas.

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1st birthday party ideas include *first birthday party decorations that are easy.

A few ideas:

- cut out cute alphabet letters from colorful cardboard or paper. Tape different words such as Happy Birthday on the door and walls. Or use any other word that has to do with a babys party.

-Place alphabet blocks in a basket for a table centerpieces

-get disposable plastic cups and write the first letter of each guest on the cup.

-Place alphabet books around the room to look at later on.

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Games and activities for your tiny tot

-hold a contest to see which tot can build the highest block tower-award a prize to the baby and mother/father

-set out a scrabble game for the moms and dads

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*1st birthday party favors can include


jar of alphabet soup, or alphabet cereal or perhaps alphabet noodles you cook up and jar yourself.

-photo of the birthday boy or girl framed with glued on alphabet blocks or designs.

-baby rattle with the guests initials written on it

-any toy with letters written on it

-baby shirts with letters on the front

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*first birthday cakes are so important. After all it your babies first year of life celebration and their first birthday cake.

First birthday cake ideas*

1st birthday party ideas provides a simple *baby 1st birthday cake that can be made by using packaged cake mix of your choice. Simply frost the top and take a knife and lightly draw squares on the top through the frosting. Draw letters of the alphabet in each square. Or use the guests first and last initials. For more *1st birthday cake designs check here.

If you are making the cake yourself here is a cake that is easy on babies tummy.


1 cup sugar

6 eggs that are seperated

2 tsps lemon juice

1/4 tsp salt

1 cup flour that has been sifted

Preheat the oven to 325 F

Measure the sugar and put it in a small bowl. In a different bowl beat up the egg yolks and add sugar slowly. Mix in the lemon juice.

In a seperate bowl beat the egg whites to form stiff peaks.Fold into yolk mixture. Sift flour and fold that into the batter a couple spoonfuls at a time. Pour into ann ungreased cake pan and bake 1 hour.

Frost with desired frosting.

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TIP:Remember to have the camera on hand for your babies first bite! And if you use a candle make sure you remove it after it gets blown out, before serving.

You might want to videotape the party too.

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You may want to dress up your birthday baby for the party. A first birthday party hat* would be cute or any other type of first birthday outfits*

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There are lots of 1st birthday gift ideas* and unique first birthday gifts*

Gift suggestions include alphabet blocks, toys that have alphabet letters on them or clothes with alphabet designs. Alphabet books is another one.

If you need a first birthday card* check out

If you dont want to make your own 1st birthday party invitations* then you can decide on the exact 1st birthday invitation* you want here.

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