18th Birthday Party Ideas

Watch teens get creative with 18th birthday party ideas and this video scavenger hunt party*. The idea of this birthday party is to perform fun stunts and activities and videotape them for play back later.

This makes a good co-ed party for boys and girls.

This 18th birthday party requires you to come up with a number of scavenger hunt list ideas.

Here are few examples to start you off. We don't have a printable scavenger hunt list yet but you can simply print out this page.


A team member carrrying a strangers grocery

Find a stranger named Joe and ask him to spell a difficult word

A team member standing beside a tombstone

A team member wearing handcuffs talking to a cop

A team member trying on a too small article of clothing in a store and asking the sales person if it fits

A good 18th birthday party idea for this activity is to come up with a few scavenger hunt riddles also. The riddle should contain hints about something the group has to figure out first before they can perform the correct activity.

You can come up with dozens more on your own. Make them as funny and original as you like. Write down as many ideas as you think will take at least an hour and a half or more to perform. You simply divide the party celebrants into groups of four to six people. Give each team a video camera and a tape. You can ask guests to bring these supplies when you send out the invitations or you can provide them yourself.

The teams must compete to get back to the original party location with a tape of all stunts perfomed within the set time limit. Late teams are disqualifed. When everyone has returned play the video tapes. Use the following criteria to award points to decide on a winner.

1 point if the stunt is completed.

2 points if the stunt was done in more of a creative manner then you would expect.

3 points if the stunt was very creative or extremly funny.

Again, you can make up your own criteria. The team with the most points wins. Award a prize.

Teen scavenger hunts are so much fun that you might want to post the winning video on the internet.

Most 18th birthdays require the usual decorations, invitations and other elements that make up a successful party.

18th Birthday Invitations

For the invitations a cool idea is to get a picture or photo of a funny scene. Enlarge the picture, make copies and write the invitation wording on the back.

Send out copies of the scavenger hunt list with the invitations.

18th Birthday Decorations

Set up captain chairs around the television for viewing the videos after the hunt.

Tie an 18th birthday balloon* on each chair. Purchase streamers, loud colorful party favors and other 18th birthday party suppliesthat will add to the excitment.

18th Birthday Cakes

Buy a 18th birthday cake at a store if you want to make things easy. To create your own cake check out ourfavorite party cakes.

18th Birthday Gift Ideas

We can provide you with a few 18th birthday suggestions for gifts, but it is usually wise to take the party honorees tastes into consideration when choosing 18th birthday presents*. Since YOU are the one who knows the honoree best, try to pick out a special 18th birthday present*that matches their interests.

Or take a look at the 18th birthday present ideas below.

18th birthday champagne glass (great for teens who live in areas where 18 is the legal drinking age!)

Favorite music CDs

Birthday cards go hand in hand with a gift and a "happy 18th birthday card* works best. Write an 18th birthday message inside and present the card with one of these gifts or a gift of your choice.

Quite often when you visit a card store you cant find just the right card so checking out this link may give you more variety.

18th birthday cards

Still to come

18th Birthday Poems

18th Birthday Jokes

18th birthday quotes

18th birthday speech

Food Ideas

We would love it if you shared your scavenger hunt pictures, photos or videos on this site.

Happy 18th birthday party from 18th birthday party ideas!

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