16th Birthday Party Ideas


alt 16th birthday party ideas

16th birthday party ideas include sweet 16 birthday ideas for girls, and 16th BIRTHDAY IDEAS for boys.

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Turning sixteen is a very special occasion for teenagers. It means getting a drivers license, going on dates and maybe starting a part time job.

One great 16th birthday theme is a car theme.. Teens love getting their drivers license, so this theme is especially fitting for a 16th birthday. It's great for girls or boys parties. You could also do it as a co-ed party.

Boys might like a basketball themed party or a boys hockey party. Any type of sports loving teen can hold a tailgate party.

All teens love music so another pleasing theme for both sexes is a music video theme.

Teens have energy to burn so a destination party is a great theme. They could go ice skating in winter or have a beach party in the summer. Amusement parks or roller skating will provide perfect entertainment.

If you happen to be latino another very special important birthday for a girl is a quinceanera. Although this is traditonally celebrated on a latino girls 15th birthday, many latinos (including those in the United States, celebrate this as a 16th birthday also know as a sweet 16 party.

If you want to check out more party themes go to Teenage Party Ideas

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No matter what the theme, these special 16th BIRTHDAY BALLOONS create a fun environment. If it's boys party balloons may not be appropriate.

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The same goes for party decorations. Girls love all the frills but boys most likely would enjoy a party that takes them outside the house where they can hang with their buddies.

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16th BIRTHDAY CARDS will be very appreciated by the celebrant. You could make your own card and put an original and personal 16th BIRTHDAY GREETING on the card yourself.

A 16TH BIRTHDAY POEM would make a good verse for the card. Check out these POEMS FOR 16TH BIRTHDAY.

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For any teenage party you really must provide alot of food. The food star of the show will always be the 16TH BIRTHDAY CAKE.

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All teens, not just sixteen year olds, love party games. Find 16TH BIRTHDAY PARTY GAMES that will delight guests and make fond memories.

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16th birthday party ideas would not be complete if we didnt provide you with some 16th BIRTHDAY GIFTS. We have awesome 16th BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEAS here.

Happy 16th Birthday!

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