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Every teen likes getting a drivers licence when they turn sixteen.16th birthday ideas can help you host a 16th birthday party that will drive this point home!

Give your teenager the green light to hold this fun car party.

Create 16th Birthday Invitations* with an automobile motif. You can do this by cutting out a car pattern from stock paper and writing the invitation on it.

Sample wording could be:

Come celebrate (celebrants name goes here) 16th birthday with this car crazy party.

Just cruise on over to (address) at (whatever time)

You can attach the invitation to a keychain or a cardboard cutout of a vehicle license plate. You could also just write the invite on the license plate cutout if so desired.

Another idea is to glue the invitation onto a road map.

Tip: A car celebration is best held during the summer months or during nice weather.


16th Birthday Decorations

Make up or purchase some old license plates to put around the room.

Another 16th birthday idea is to tape posters of sports cars, muscle cars, convertibles, or classic cars to the walls.

Make up or purcahse some road signs such as stop or yield signs and put around the party area.

Park a few cars of friends or relatives around the front of the party house and tie 16th birthday balloons* to car side mirrors or antennas.

Get some poster board or cardboard and cut out either a car shape, a driving sign such as a stop sign or make up faux licence plates. Write a "Happy 16th Birthday" Greeting(with celebrants name) on each one and lean them up against car front windows or attach to the bumpers of the cars.

For centerpeices you could use car related accessories or items such as a snow scraper or a can of motoroil or windsheild washer fluid and tie ribbons or car themed balloons to each.

Place toy dinky cars on tables and attach placecards to each one with each guests name on it.

16th Birthday Party Games And Activities

Purchase some remote control cars for the teens to fool around with.

Rent or purchase car themed movies or Cds with car songs.

If you decide on taking the teens out for a while, going to an amusement park with bumper cars they can ride is one of the best 16th birthday ideas ever.

16 year olds also would enjoy going to a go cart park.

Have a contest. Cut out pictures of different cars and play a car guessing game. Hold up each car cutout to the guests and the first person to guess the make of car wins a prize.

Party Food

16th birthday cake* with a car theme.

Hot dogs


spagetti and meatballs

car sub sandwiches.(make up or purchase submarine sandwiches and use any round vegetable (like cucumber) cut in circles and place the sub sandwiches on a platter with the "veggie wheels" placed around the sandwiches so they look like race cars.

16th Birthday Gift Ideas And Prizes

If your budget allows it, every parent knows that a new or even a used car is every 16 year olds dream present.

Other ideas include car video games, gift certificates for car items, seat covers, special tire rims or car accessories, funny bumper stickers or keychains.

Car books, car calendars or driving lessons.

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