14th Birthday Party Ideas At The Mall

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Teens love the mall.

The mall is the perfect setting for a teens celebration. 14th birthday party ideas include holding a funtastic mall scavenger hunt party at a favorite shopping center.

Teenage birthday party games for this style of party have everything to do with the hunt.

You will need free scavenger hunt ideas,scavenger hunt clues,scavenger hunt lists and scavanger hunt riddles to make these 14 year old party ideas real.

Invite a group of good friends to this 14th birthday bash. No need for invitations.

As a surprise, tell everyone to meet at the mall. Once they arrive they will realize it is going to be a 14th birthday party caper!

If you want a different idea there are many more teen party ideas.

14th Birthday Party Ideas And Tips:

This is a good co-ed teenage party idea.

Make sure you have a camera to take pictures.

Each guest will need a little pocket money for the escapades.

There will be alot of monekeyshines going on during the celebration so make sure to let the mall management know about the party ahead of time.

Some malls have community rooms where you could set up some simple birthday cakes and give the best birthday gifts to the 14th birthday party boy or girl.

The scavenger hunt must be very organized and arranged in advance.

Ask each team to come up with a team name.

One good 14th birthday party idea is to have buttons made up for each guest to wear at the shopping mall so shoppers and store personnel can easily identify the party goers.

Free Scavenger Hunt Ideas

This scavenger hunt birthday party can be handled in two ways:

1. Provide each of the teams with a list of things they must do

2. Teams must find clues in different stores throughout the mall

With the first option a camera is an absolute must have. A video camera would be even better! We could not provide you with honest 14th birthday party ideas if we didnt remind you to take pictures!

You will want to make up your own scavenger hunt lists according to the mall you hold the party in.

Here are examples of requirements for the party guests to complete:

-Find a total stranger and ask them to wear a fake nose and glasses.

-Find a male and ask him to put on some pink lipstick and a womens wig.

-Find a male or female and ask them to say "peter piper picked a peak of pickled peppers" five times. This one really requires a video camera!

Make a list of as many silly things to do for this 14th birthday as you can think of. You could ask your teen what type of shenanigans they would like to get involved in. Create a list of things to do, things to make, and things to figure out.

Know which stores are in the mall so each quest works out well.

Each team must bring back the pictures of each gag.

A few more examples:

-Someone in each group kissing a toad. Go to a pet store in the mall -a frog would do too!

-All team members crammed into one bathroom stall.

-Male members dressed in an evening gown, costume jewelry and high heels.

-Everyone gets a fake or real tattoo or everyone gets a nose, ear, lip or other piercing. Make sure the tattoo or piercing is in a visible place. Nothing to naughty for this fourteenth birthday party.

Bring back these items:

-a full pack of matches with the name of a restaurant

-autographs of three people whose name begins with the letter "S"

-any item that says the word happy birthday

Find these answers:

How many fountains are in the mall?

What is the soup of the day at such and such restaurant in the mall?

What is the price of the most expensive piece of jewelry in one of the jewelry stores in the mall.

If you plan this 14th birthday party according to the second option of "teams must find clues in stores throughout the mall" then each teenager must be given a slip of paper with the first clue at the start of the hunt. Each team must be given a different starter clue so that they start at different points in the mall.

Make arrangements before the birthday party with each store and perhaps ask the stores that are involved if you can tape an index card to the front store window that gives out the next clue.

Scavenger Hunt Clues

Here is an example of a clue: It can be as silly as you can dream up.

At a store at the end of the mall

Is a manager by the name of Paul

And don't forget while you are there

That he has very nice looking hair!

The teens will have to find the right store, locate the manager named Paul and take a picture of his hair.

You should ask the store manager ahead of time if he would mind giving out the next clue.

Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Scavenger hunt clues and riddles are sort of the same thing because in both cases there is something the teens need to figure out. Making the clue rhyme gives it the feeling of a riddle!

This store has things of many kinds,

And in this store are many finds,

You may not be there yet,

Until you see a pet.

The teenagers will figure out that the riddle of this rhyme is an animal store and that they must go to that store and either take a photo or an animal or buy a picture of one.

Ideas for stunts and clues have no limit. Walk around the mall and get as many ideas for this 14th birthday adventure as possible. Walking through the mall will spark your creativity so you can gather ideas.

A very good 14th birthday party idea is to set some rules for the party.

-Set a time limit for the scavanger hunt.

-Team members must stick together- no changing team members during the party.

-No cell phones allowed. Each teenager must relinquish their cell phone before the fun starts.

-Teams must follow mall rules and policies and respect all mall personnel and mall shoppers.

- The first team back that has met all requirements is the winner.

We hope that 14th birthday party ideas helps you create a magical fourteenth birthday party !

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