Giggle And Grin With 13th Birthday Party Ideas

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13th birthday party ideas will keep your teenagers laughing and smiling even after the party is over.

You get ideas for 13th birthday party invitations, games, food, gifts, decorations and easy crafts to make at the party.

A smiley face theme for thirteen year olds works well because thirteen is an age where teens are not quite grown up yet. This theme allows them to still act silly and childish!

Slumber parties are popular with this age group. You could mix and match these two parties to create your own giggle and grin slumber party.

13th Birthday Party Invitations

Write your thirteenth birthday party invitation by cutting out a round circle out of poster board and using a black marker to make a smiley face.

Cut a slit in the smile and insert a tongue, by cutting out your best tongue shape :) made from construction paper. write the details of the birthday party on it, such as date, time etc.

Write a funny joke on the back of the card and ask guests to come to the party with their favorite joke to tell.

Encourage guests to dress in clothing that is colorful and mismatched or clothing with bizarre patterns. Colorful hats or socks or a mismatched pair of stripped pants and a polka dot shirt for example.

The 13 year old celebrant and party goers will get a chuckle at all the ridiculous outfits.

13th Birthday Ideas For Decorations

Scatter or hang big yellow smiley faces everywhere.Make them from poster board and write happy 13th birthday on the decoration.

Buy funny placemats or make them up with funnies from the newspaper. Glue or tape the funnies to rectangular pieces of cardboard. Cover tightly with clear plastic wrap. If you like you can laminate these at a copy center or office supply store.

Make collages of laughing teens out of magazine pictures. Attach the pics to some poster board. The birthday girl or boy could make these up before the party.

13th Birthday Party Games

Take instant pictures of the teens as they arrive at the party. Ask them to make funny faces for the photos. Display the pictures on large poster board and place it in a visible spot for everyone to enjoy during the party. Give each teen attendee a picture to take home as a favor.

Have a joke telling contest. Who could think of a better game for this thirteenth birthday party theme. Pick three or four categories such as, grossest joke, dumbest joke, or funniest joke and award prizes for the winners.

Sit in a circle on the floor or at a table and choose one guest to make funny faces while the others must try to keep a straight face. Time the game and give a prize to the person who makes someone laugh the fastest.

More teen party games and 13th birthday party ideas for games can be found on our party game page.

13th birthday party themes and ideas can include:

Easy Crafts To Make

Here is one good idea to start

Provide a white tee-shirt with a round circle drawn on each shirt. Give one to each guest and have them draw funny faces in the circle with colored fabric markers. Guests can take home their shirt or trade with others.

Teen Party Food

Although junk food may not be the healthiest choice this is a party after all, and it is for teens.

There are a huge smorgasboard of food ideas for teen parties but standard fare such as fries and burgers or even hot dogs would do nicely.

13th birthday party ideas might include Finger food ideas such as nachos or chicken wings which are popular menu options.

Teen birthday cakes include:

Themed Birthday Cakes

Since this 13th birthday party has a smile theme the following birthday cake idea matches the party! Easy and tastes great.

This is a fairly simple teenage birthday cake to make. Thirteen year olds will love this cake.


Bake a round cake (use easy cake mix in a box from a grocery store and bake in a round pan follwing package instructions.) Decorate with yellow icing. Use two chocolate cookies for the eyes and use some black licorice to make a smile. Or write the number 13 on the cake using the number one as the nose and the number three as the mouth. Use the cookies as eyes.

Teen Gift Ideas

Teenagers won't be able to keep a straight face with these goodies. Keychains, change purses, joke books, plastic noses and eyeglasses or any other gag gift item.

Check out gag birthday gifts here.

You may need a special card or favors or other supplies for the affair.13th birthday party supplies might include:

13th birthday cards,13th birthday gift ideas or other items like teen party favors.

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